02 October 2013

Jazz and Sapphire Reporting!


Hello Everyone,
Sapphire and Jazz here, what a great couple of weeks we have had. As you may have seen from our last report we went to give a helping paw at a little dog show just the other side of Shrewsbury.  We were on the main gate into the dog show and we were rubbing shoulders with people like Joss Stone who is a singer/song writer (she was very nice and she gave Jazz and myself lots of fuss and even a kiss or two!  Once we had done our bit on the gate we went to have a look around the show and bumped into a little Blue Bedlington who name we forget but we said about the blog and the fun day  and his owners said, that they will keep an eye on the blog, and we also try and get to next year’s fun day.


Later we went to meet our friend Biggles down Sleap Airfield and had a nice walk  as well as a  cup of tea with a nice doggie chew from Uncle Ian for being so good. We did hear that there was going to be a classic vehicle  Saturday so we were all ears.

FISH 27.09.13 002

FISH 27.09.13 001

On Sunday Uncle Ian put our fishing gear in the car and we went with him fishing via our friend’s house (Biggles)  Jazz and I jumped out of our skins when they landed two nice 7lb Carps each. Jazz said that they were bigger than me!! What cheek, I ran after him and smacked his bum for being so cheeky and Jazz just laughed!  We went back to the airfield for the classic vehicle show and there was a lot of nice things to see. There was a Midlands Air Ambulance stand  and the couple who were on the stand recognized us from a couple of year’s ago when the dog display team had a group photo with them, we presented them with a cheque for the Air Ambulance £1,500.  We had yet another big fuss as we went round looking at the nice vehicles, not only that but there was a Motor Bike Rally too, known as The Odd Ball Rally. Even the Bikers who were there came over and gave us a lot of fuss and even had their photos taken with us, bless them.


So now Jazz and I are at the end of the dog displays now so we will have a rest from that but we are planning to go down the (Whittington) Castle over the next 3 or 4 weekends to get into some mischief and scare tour goers who go on the Halloween tours ha ha ( we are good at that)!  So for now Woof, Woof, Woof from Sapphire and Jazz (The Roaming News Terriers for the Bedlington Blog)

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire, well another show season comes to an end. Unfortunately the nights are getting longer and the days colder but I am sure Uncle Ian will keep those little paws very active! Looking forward to hearing about you ghostly adventures at Whittington Castle!

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