22 October 2013

New Experiences



Thought that you might like to see what Bieke and Bonnie have been up to recently. We went to Argyll for a week last month and they both had loads of fun on all the forest walks, there were so many new smells that they didn't know where to go next.  The photo was taken on a walk from Crinan south along the coastal path to Carsaig, where we were staying.  It was so difficult to get them both on a photo that I had to bribe them to sit still! Shortly after we came home three ex-battery hens arrived. The photo was taken on the day the hens arrived and they really didn't know what to
make of them.  They are getting used to them slowly but we have not yet let the hens out of the run into the veg garden.  That could be interesting!  Scrambled eggs were a treat for tea today.Best wishes
Ruth and Howard


I bet the dogs had a great time exploring the woods in Argyll, sounds like you found some fantastic woodland walks. Lovely to have room for your own hens, you will find  In time the dogs will totally ignore the chickens. How exciting collecting your first fresh new laid eggs!


k9 said...

Looks like you had lots of fun at least with your forest adventures you didnt have rally cars passing you at speeds in access of 90 or 100 MPH like we have when we go Marshaling lol from The K9 Marshal Crew

Sarah and Tony said...

Those hens look very interesting girls. There used to be a garden with free range hens on our usual walk, but the owners got rid of them before the winter. It's not so much fun now there's no hens to chase