30 October 2013

Nice Adventures


Hello and Woof, woof, woof Sapphire and Jazz here. We hope everyone is safe and sound after the heavy rain and strong winds that passed through Sunday night. Well, what nice walks Uncle Ian has taken us on over the last couple of weeks. The first one was the loop around Shrewsbury, along the riverside of the River Severn which also takes in the Quarry Park where Jazz and I could have a good run and cause lots of chaos (ha ha )!  We even met up with lots of new friends who came to have a run with us. After  our walk it was time to pick up  Grandma  and head off home for our teas. Last Friday Uncle Ian took us for another long walk down the canal but this time we took in the views from the top of the Aqueduct. Jazz and I were not afraid of the 127 feet down to the River Dee below, we also went to a country park at Cafn Mowr it was nice seeing all the animals, Jazz and I were ever so good we didn't even bark at any of them!  With Uncle Ian being off this weekend we are wondering where we are going to next? So for now we will leave you with some photos that uncle took of us while we were out and about. So for now woof, woof, woof and stay safe everyone. From Sapphire and Jazz The K9 Marshal Crew



Thank you Sapphire and Jazz looking forward to hearing about your adventures this weekend!


Paul / Debbie said...

They are very brave little dogs for being so high up,Dylan wont even look out the bedroom window.

Sarah and Tony said...

lovely autumn views - you are luckly to have such nice walks