17 October 2013

Sapphire And Jazz Reporting


Sapphire and Jazz here. Well it’s been a funny sort of week or two, firstly we both went off with Granny and Uncle Ian to Chirk Car Boot Sale. We kept looking for new toys but we didn't see any that took our fancy. Granny then dropped us off with Uncle Ian on the tow path of the canal to walk home. Don't tell Granny but there was two pubs on route, so we stopped there for refreshments and some of those nice Itchy things you humans call them pork scratchings!  We thought that they were quite nice with a pint of water (ha ha )! Once we got going again Jazz and myself had plenty of new sniffs to sniff at. We didn't see any new doggie friends walking along the tow path but we did see a lot of dogs on the narrow boats on holiday with their human owners.


We even saw another Bedlie person going in the other direction so we said an advertisement to them about the blog and the fun day!!  Then on Uncle Ian's day off last week we had another12 mile walk down the canal but this time we walked from Northwood all the way back home. We saw this gentleman who said good morning to us and he bent down to give Jazz and myself some fuss and asked Uncle Ian what breed of dogs we were. While they were talking it turned out (yet again Uncle Ian knew him from along time ago) Jazz and I think he knows to many people ha ha.  When he had finished fussing us and stopped chin wagging and said his goodbyes, Uncle Ian told us he used  to be in a musical band or two and he did have a Xmas Number one back in the 70's called "I Wish It Could Be Xmas Everyday and Uncle Ian called him Mr.Wizard (Roy Wood)!!! He was just on his way home from the pub, or out like us on a nice walk.
We also  went around Ellesmere town and had lots of fuss again from our human friends. so by the time we got home we were both tired from all the fuss we was getting. The rest of the day we ran about the garden playing with our toys and playing with Granny and Uncle Ian.Then yesterday we got invited to our doggie friend called Alfie Moon’s Birthday party were we had even more fun and games.


We cannot wait for this weekend its Uncle Ian's weekend off and he did promise to take us out for some nice walks. So for now Woof, Woof, Woof till next time . Lots of Love and Licks from Sapphire and Jazz the Blog Reporting Bedlington Terriers

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire how lucky  to bump into Roy Wood!  I can remember the record all those years ago! Have a lovely  weekend with Ian.


Andrea from Neath said...

Wow, nice bit of name dropping ha ha ha! That Roy Wood must be well off the number of times they churn out that song in the MONTHS leading up to Christmas! I love that photo of you two too! Very handsome!

k9 said...

Roy Wood use to live 5 miles away from us at a little place called Northwood and we saw him on a regular basis
From Ian