27 October 2013

Today at Chester-le-Street & District Open Show

Summer & Wilma Chester le St 2013


Judge: Alan Norcross

Only our 2 Bedlington's entered, Summer & Holly.

Summer (Aireview Cristal Blue) won RBIS.

Also Mr Walshaw was entered in AV N.S.C Terrier Puppy with

his Manchester Terrier,Wilma (Digelsa Diva AVEC Janmark) and

won BPIS.

Good day had by all and as always supported by Derek & Eileen (The Makems)

Thanks  Lesley & John McNally

Well done, what a great result congratulations to you and Mark!


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Well done John & Lesley, it was a good day for the terriers! Ruffled a few feathers.....

MMMmmmm think Ive seen better pictures mind!

Great to see Eileen & Derek supporting everyone :-)

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

LOL @ wilmas tail wagging!

Lesley and John said...

I'm no David Bailey, it's normally heads chopped off!

Paul said...

Congratulations To John , Lesley & Summer On Your Reserve Best In Show ..
Well Done To Mark And Wilma On Your Best Puppy In Show ..


Well done folks on your wins. Nice to meet up for a chat.

The Makems


Should have added, shame those rosettes were Black & White on a day the Red & Whites beat the Mags again.

The Makems

Agathasmum Louise said...

Congratulations to you all!

matthew@seaofiron. said...

Mark, have you shrank?!
And have you got a new outfit!?
John, cheer up!!
Well done both of you!!
Are you both going to Eston & Barnaby show on Sunday??

Stuart said...

Nicely marked blue and tan Mark but a bit short of furnishings!
Well done both.

Lesley and John said...

We won't be at Eston Sunday

rosie's dad said...

Well done to you both.

The little un looks a mischievious little handful Mark.