06 October 2013

Today At Selby, Morag’s First Show


Selby show today and Morags first show
She did great for her first show Mo dragging along the ground and no dancing around while being judged. Lots of firsts with Issacc and Aggie who were both in the championship but again we did not get placed
That's about it for shows this year so weekends will now be spent out in the fields with ferrets and terriers, frosty mornings and cold nights. Billy

Thank you  Billy I think you are going to need a trophy room to display all your prizes from this year. Well done young Mo a very big day for a little girl. Another year over at the shows but lots of outings with the ferrets  to look forward to.


Unknown said...

You are getting quite a diverse bunch there. Congrats.


Looks like you had a good day Billy, well done.

The Makems