21 October 2013

Volkswagon ad.

I am sure we are all disappointed when we see TV ads featuring dogs of many breeds and they never seem to include a Beddie.However, last night - I think it was on ITV 1 -  there was a Volkswagon ad.that featured various cars being driven along the road with different dogs looking out of the passenger window in each shot.The final shot was of a dog sitting looking longingly into the open door/boot of a parked car - just like Amber does when anyone opens their car door near her she thinks she should get in and go for a ride! The shot was very brief but i think it was a Beddie!!!! If it was a Beddie, it would be great to know whose  dog it was and the story  behind it.I thought that maybe someone out there in Bedlington Blog Land might know????
Nigel & Amber
Thank you Nigel hopefully we find out about our mystery bedlington!1372933_656172604425282_1325608311_n

This is a still of the beddie in response to the vw advert query on your blog - yes it's a beddie but I don't have any more info than that Sally

Thanks Sally someone must recognise this very well groomed film bedlington.


Sally said...

It was a beddie I have sent a copy of the still from the advert to Leslie but I don't know whose Dog it was sorry

Stuart said...

Could be one of ours who now lives with Chris Everard. Chris is a professional photographer and "Jasper" regularly appears in quality magazines and adverts.
Only speculating though.

Nigel & Amber said...

Thank you to Sally & Stuart. Just shows you the power of the blog!!!!
I hope we find out whose dog it is.
Nigel & Amber

enid said...

The car is left hand drive so I think the dog could be a German Bedlington.

k9 said...

Mom and I saw the Advert for the first time last night and its great to see the Bedlie at the end From The K9 Marshal Crew

Kirsty and Paws said...

Hi all, after some careful research we have found that the dogs name is Dexter, he belongs to someone called Thomas Scott... Does this help anyone? Bella and the gang!

Emily Robinson said...

Try again!! It is actually Isotops Bumble Bee from Rivendown, belonging to Richard and Wendy Scorah!! :)