01 November 2013

Autumn On The Beach Near Edinburgh


Last week we had a few days away in Edinburgh. Although it was quite showery and cold, Thursday morning was beautiful and we just had to go to stretch our legs on the beach. Gullaine has a lovely clean sandy beach, the tide was out and there were a few other people and dogs there. All very friendly, so lots of running and playing. Ossie made friends with a bedlington X jack russel. She was a bit odd looking – the head and face of a bedlie and the body of a ? parson JR, but very nice natured. We got a few good pictures of Rosie and Jasper – who don’t run too fast. Ossie looks as though he’s on Springs, and Ed was just too fast and doesn’t appear in any photo. Rosie enjoys digging, more than the others, this is just the start of her excavations.




We got back Sunday evening, just in time for the start of the auction, it turned out quite exciting in the end. Thank you to the organisers and to everyone who donated items, hopefully it has raised a nice sum for the health group.  Best wishes Sarah and Tony with Ed, Ossie, Rosie and Jasper

Thank you Sarah, the dogs look to be having a great time on the beach. The auction was a great fun way to raise money for The Health Group. Many the thanks to Louise, Lynne and everyone who took part. Over £3,000 was raised last night, well done to you all.

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