20 November 2013

Bertie Comes In For A Hair Cut

2013-11-12 11.31.26

2013-11-12 11.31.14

2013-11-12 14.15.43

A short back and sides for Bertie when he came in for his trim last week!



Looks like a few of the shaggy dogs that Eileen gets her hands on. Some people definitely don't realise the work involved with a Bedlington.

As always nice job done in the end Lesley.

The Makems

Sarah and Tony said...

Bertie must feel a bit cold now without all that coat.

Trish said...

He looks fantastic!

Stuart said...

Just a pity for the dogs that the owners don't have a go themselves. It must be uncomfortable for the dogs. It's not that hard to comb them through and get the scissors out even if they don't look quite right. You should have seen some of our first efforts!