17 November 2013

Durhham Luminere

Hello Bloggers,
We luckily ordered tickets to go to the Luminere being staged at Durham and even then it was very crowded.  When we came out of the main area at 8.30 folk were still queuing to get in. also luckily the North East weather was good.!cid_EE322B55-8B56-45CC-9DC6-3CECDCCDD262

This display was on the old Miners Hall in Durham and starts off with just one figure climbing the building ending up with all showing and dancing to the music.  The dark pile at the foot of the figures is coal and no way could it have came from the Durham Coal Fields, probably imported from abroad, or Yorkshire. Any pits left down there lads,


Well I think we all know where this is, very clever.  Starts off when the area was just wild and travels through the life of the Cathedral to modern times. Excuse the shaky image but the scenes changed a bit too fast for the camera, or perhaps it's the shaky hand of the photographer.


The river at Durham taken from the old Millburn Gate Bridge.Well worth a visit when it comes back to Durham, normally every two years.The Makems

Thank you Derek, I think this display of story telling in lights is fantastic. It is lovely to see something different than the usual festive lights. I love the stick figures in the miners display. Was this display accompanied to music? 



Hi Lesley

The stick men were dancing to music, brass bans first then onto something faster.

Sarah and Tony said...

We'll be going later tonight. It's always an amazing event and a different way to see our beautiful city

enid said...

That looks fantastic! Wish we lived closer so that we could see it.