19 November 2013

Happy Birthday To Jazz and Sapphire



Hello (and woof, Woof) to all our Blog Friends
Sapphire and Jazz Here. Well what a busy week and weekend. We started off the week going for nice walks with Uncle Ian, where we met up with lots of our doggie friends and had fun racing about playing with them. This past week has been great, its as if all of our friends have picked the same time as us to go out for a walk!  Friday we went to see our friend Mr. Biggles at his home where  we had a cup of tea and biscuits we also helped him  feed and water all of his birds. After we were  finished we all went for a 4 mile walk over the fields to Lower Frankton Locks then back to his house in Tetchill along the tow path and canal.


On Saturday Uncle Ian got us up early and took us for a walk around the local park before we came back home to pick Granny up. Jazz and I thought it was a bit funny that Uncle Ian didn't let us out of the car. Wow  what a surprise before we dropped Granny off in Oswestry  and before she got out of the car, Granny and Uncle Ian sung "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to us!!!!  We thought that they had forgotten, then Uncle Ian took us to Chirk Castle  Jazz and I were so excited as there was loads of people there fussing us. Then we heard the roar of a Rally Car coming towards us and Uncle Ian said that this was our Birthday treat.  He  has  brought us to see the RALLY GB.  Some of our rally friends stopped on the road  where we were standing watching to change their tyres and found time to give us a fuss. In the gap between the big boys ( front runners ) and the nationals a big 4X4 came down the road and stopped by us. it was an F.I.A car (F.I.A being the governing body for all the world rally championship event).  All three people from the car  Jumped out and came over to us and gave us a big fuss.  We met some of our friends that we got to know from the events that Jazz and I have marshalled on with Uncle Ian. When we picked Granny we headed off home. Later Granny, Granddad and Uncle Ian went out for their meal with the dog display team. We had a party  when they got back home, Jazz and I were still partying when they got up this morning with sleepy eyes!!  Our party went on till the small hours of the morning.


Today we went to an antiques fair at Park Hall near Oswestry. We have a surprise,  all we are  saying  is "WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!" If everything goes to plan we will let you know ha ha! So for now its woof, woof, woof from Sapphire and Jazz (The Birthday Pups) Reporting for what we class as THE NUMBER 1 BLOG SITE :)

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire Diesel and Parker wish you a very happy birthday.   Sounds like you had a wonderful day with Uncle Ian and fun party evening.  You are  so well known on the rally circuit I think you should be the mascots for the UK Rally Team!!


tony waller said...

A very happy birthday to you both, sound's like you have been very busy keeping Uncle Ian on his feet.

holland family said...

aw bless, happy birthday to you both gorgeous darlings... didn't realise you were siblings !

Paul / Debbie said...

Happy birthday from Archie and Dylan

Lorna McAllister said...

Happy belated Birthday from Bertie and Poppy. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.