12 November 2013

Hello and woof woof


Sapphire and Jazz here, hoping every one is ok and well out there in blog world. Our Uncle Ian  took Jazz and I to what seems to be the top of the world. We dropped  granny off in  a place in Telford called Wellington then Uncle Ian took Jazz and I to the top of a hill called the Ercall  where we could see for miles. We could see Ellesmere and a lot of other places from the top (and yes we could see the pub from up there)!. We had lots of fun running through all  the leaves and after two hours we headed home for tea. Also Uncle Ian took us for a long adventures along the Canal at Queens Head towards Measbury Marsh and back, a distance of 7 miles.  The real fun comes this weekend as our Uncle told us that on Friday we will go and have a nice walk around Colemere  along the canal before we head of to Chirk Castle to see some of the World Rally Cars that were on this year’s Rally GB  one belongs to a 4X4 friend. On Sunday we are, going to an Antiques Fair with granny and Uncle Ian to see if we can see anything of Interest. It looks like that we will have a busy time again, we will let you know how we get on.  So for now we will say woof, woof and speak soon from Sapphire and Jazz .


PS If anybody out there in Blog world has any unwanted plastic doggie beds   and  would  like to donate them they can bring them to LKA Dog show, granny and granddad (Carmel and Brian Dorwest Herbs) will take them,. thety are collecting them for Hillbrea Dog Rescue Kennels in time for Xmas. We are collecting old blankets, towels for them too. A BIG Thank you from Sapphire and Jazz.


Thank you Sapphire and Jazz enjoy your weekend and hope you come home with lots of goodies from the antique and collectors fair.

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