22 November 2013

Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme


Just to let  those of you know on the scheme that a Regional Breed Assessor  will be visiting you sometime in the near future. The local assessor came on a 2 hour visit to us today. She was very thorough checking documentation and taking photos of the premises. Apparently the assessors will be visit everyone on the scheme every three years.
At last the Kennel Club are taking responsible breeding seriously and now inspecting ABS breeders.
In my opinion the KC should only register puppies from the ABS scheme !!!

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Julie said...

I don't agree with that comment, not all breeders who aren't on the scheme are bad ones.

Lesley 2 said...

No not at all Julie there are very responsible breeders who now need to join the scheme. The KC have tightened up on the rules since it was introduced. You now cannot be excepted on the ABS without a visit first from an Assessor.

Agathasmum Louise said...

Les, if you are a member of Exhibitors Voice and Choice group on FB, have a look at some of the threads discussing the ABS.

Stuart said...

Unfortunately Les, you only have to look at the antics of some ABS breeders to see that in many cases it is an expensive waste of time. In many cases it is just a way to publicise and legitimise puppy farming. There are many decent, caring, responsible breeders out there who rely on reputation to sell their puppies without having to rely on an infrequent cursory check by the K.C. As an infrequent breeder I can see no point in paying £10 a year for someone to come and check my house for an event which only occurs once every four or five years, especially when our facilities are only temporary and are unlikely to ever be seen by an assessor.