25 November 2013

Manchester & District Sporting Terrier Club

Yesterday at Manchester Sporting Terrier, the good news BOB to
Nebercrackers Rosie Blue but nothing in BIS.  The bad news she was the
only Bedlington entered, really sad when classes are offered and there
is little or no response
Regards Carol & Paul.

Well done, a very long day and such a shame on the bedlington entry.  I think this show hs been well supported in the past.


Paul said...

I have been on the committee of Manchester & District Sporting Terrier for quite a number of years. We schedule the breed at every show quite often we only end up with one or two. The last decent entry we had was when Julie Oxbury judged for us, before that Mark Walshaw. Both Denise and Mark usually support the society but Denise cant now and Mark was judging in Scotland !! Our next show is in April 2014.

Mark Walshaw said...

Sadly this is becoming the case with a lot of the Open Shows, its disappointing when people do not enter the sporting terrier shows. Its Lancashire Sporting terrier this week, I wonder how many bedlingtons will be there also? Thats followed by W Midland Terrier, the week after, always a decent entry, but a few more folk in that area. At least at the terrier shows, 90% of the time the person judging is at least a breed person or as a minimum someone with a decent interest in terriers. I will be attending Lancashire & W Midland shows.