11 November 2013

North Pennine Ferret show


North Pennine show yesterday. Thankfully it was an indoor show only two degrees outside!! We did well with firsts in our class but nothing in best in show Won loads of ferret biscuits but


I had my eye on the ferret cake

Thank you Billy, there are some clever cake makers in the ferret club. Well done on you first prizes.


Stuart said...

Was the cake infused with that lovely pungent odour which pervades all things mustelid?

Stuart said...

Used to be a member of the Ferret and Ferreting Society run by the late Fred J Taylor back in the early Seventies. I seem to recall they started the serious ferret shows we have today. Learned a lot from some serious ferreters and professional warreners. Well done on your success.

Lesley 2 said...

Well done on your wins today

Julie oxbury

Mark Walshaw said...

I used to show ferrets back in the late 70's, with good success. Also showed game bantams at the same time. My dad still has a dozen + ferrets that are worked 2-3 times a week. Averages around 60 rabbits a week which are supplied to local butchers. Keeps him out of trouble ;-)