30 November 2013

Pumi Update

1470467_10151715983767665_1123104432_nSteiff looking very grown up after her hair cut. The Pumi is non shedding and much easier to trim than the bedlington no clipping evolved!

I have had a few emails asking about my Pumi “Steiff” She is now 13 weeks and really growing up fast. She is a super pup very  naughty but lots of fun!. Being a herding breed I am already enjoying training her to basic obedience and fun tricks
Over the past few weeks lots has been happening for UK Pumi owners. A letter has now gone to the Kennel Club asking for registration of a new breed.. Also, there is new  UK Pumi facebook group.
  A  meeting has been organised in February  near the NEC  to discuss   forming a registered K C  Pumi Club, It is all happening!

The Pumi is a fun breed to have especially if you enjoy dog sports, they are easy to train and  proven to be very successful in agility and Heelwork To Music. Contact me if you would like more information on the breed or available litters.



Mary said...

what super looking dogs - what are you doing with Steiff - agility??

Lesley 2 said...

I am already teaching her HTM moves she has quite a repertoire already at 13 weeks. I plan to have a short routine together by the summer.
I hope to mainly do agility, we will do a lot of ground work with tunnels etc. but she won't be in proper agility
training until nearly a year old.

Mary said...

oh really? can't wait to see her (and you) in action.