23 November 2013

Young Bedlington Looking For A Forever Home

Wirral Area

4 year old, blue, castrated dog in the Wirral area needs a new home. He is currently in his third home and he has been here for 2 years having previously been rehomed from a lady in Liverpool.

He will need a new home with someone who can understand and work with his over confident behaviour using positive reward based methods. His current owners have been working with a behaviourist to help with this and things are slowly coming together.  However, he would ideally be happier in a family with no children and no other animals. He does bark at other dogs when he is on a lead but will come on command.

For further details, please contact Frances Fuller on 01559 384499


Mark Walshaw said...

Sounds like he wants a good country home, i.e. on a farm..

Trish said...

Are there any photos of him?