04 December 2013

A Date With Millionhairs


Last weekend, it had been very wet during the week and the paths were very muddy, we therefore explored another railway path, this time the Castle Eden Walkway (new name: Wynyard woodland park), with Tony’s mum. Another flat and sheltered walk, a lovely autumn day and Jasper managed 3 miles without any flagging.
As you can see Ossie was very woolley, overdue his haircut, and just perfect timing for his pamper from the auction.  We didn’t like Ed to feel left out ,so both boys went to Millionhairs last Thursday. A big ‘thank you’ to Diane, she has done a lovely job, they look so smart.
Now we have to tidy up Rosie and Jasper; the gang has a  photo shoot with Star Paws on Saturday – another prize from the auction, and very exciting.



IMG_3016 trim


Best wishes Sarah and Tony with Ed, Ossie, Rosie and Jasper

Thank you Sarah Ed and Ossie look great, lovely to see the auction winners the after their groom.


Agathasmum Louise said...

They look super - Diane does a great job.

enid said...

Very posh!

Paul / Debbie said...

Castle Eden Walkway is a realy nice walk,we've walked it a few times.Great haircut on the boys.

ed and rebecca said...

Very smart! Looking forward to seeing the photoshoot pics.

Sarah and Tony said...

We're looking forward to the photo shoot.
We just need to finish Rosie and Jasper's trims, so they are all tidy for Sue.