30 December 2013

AKC/Eukanuba Meet the Breeds week In Florida USA

Here are some of the pictures from our Meet The Breeds booth and some shots of some of our Bedlington exhibitors at the week of shows.  A great time seemed to be happening for everyone.  Was hard to get pics, as the booth was swamped with people constantly both days.  As you all know, Bedlingtons are their own best diplomats!!!!!  People love touching and loving on them, and they love the attention.





Ah,some famous UK bred bedlingtons on these posters 



Here is a picture of the engraved mugs that we sold at the Meet the Breeds booth, to benefit the AKC's Pet Disaster Relief Trailers
The AKC is purchasing travel trailers and equipping them with everything needed to rescue, house and care for pets in times of disaster around our country. This is a very worthy cause, as we do have many types of disasters here. (Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Forest Fires, Blizzards, Floods, Etc.)  In the past, our individual clubs around the country have tried to help rescue and reunite pets with their owners in these disasters.  Many of our clubs do not have the resources to do a really good job at this.  AKC is taking this a step up, by having these trailers built and equipped for different areas of our country.  This is all being done by donation from caring dog people.  The BTCA is aiming at a donation of at least $2500.  This will give us the privilege of having our club logo on each side of one of the trailers.
I sold many of these during the AKC/Eunanuba week of shows, from the Meet the Breeds booth. I do have more of the mugs and thought that maybe some of our Bedlington folks in the UK might enjoy having one and donating to a most worthy cause.


Anyone who would like to purchase one of these lovely mugs can contact me directly at: mstumpff@aol.com.  I will be very happy to sent them off.  The price is $25.00 + Postage.  I will be checking the postage rate in the next couple of days.  I even have a PayPal account, if that makes it easier for folks. Thank you.  I am sure you will all be thrilled with your mugs.  They are a full pint, heavy glass and are something you can use rather than sit on a shelf to collect dust!!!!! Mary Lou

Thank you Mary Lou a very worthwhile cause, the weather has caused many disasters in the USA and world wide, lovely to think that AKC is helping injured and displaced dogs in this positive scheme.



Hello Mary Lou

You'll have to pop over to the UK and help us out at Discover Dogs at Crufts in March. All the best for the New Year.

Unknown said...

Thank you Derek. Wish I could. I miss the UK & all the wonderful folks I met. Would move there to live if I could!!!!!

Stuart said...

Good to see that our colonial friends have managed to have the good luck to pick the joint top winning UK Bedlingtons 2013 to feature on their "Meet the Breeds" stand. Thanks Mary Lou, an advert would have cost a fortune!!

Unknown said...

Entirely welcome Stuart. I consider it an ad and privelage to do so, considering that I am showing a Harry Granddaughter. One of the pictures on the bottom row is that Granddaughter. I am VERY well pleased with what I have gotten from my Billy Bob that I got from Sandra. Harry did good!!!!!!! And, now I have a 4 month old Great Granddaughter to show next!