31 December 2013

Dancer Up For Adoption With The Dog Trust Evesham


Dancer ( 6-12 months) is looking for a family who can help her gain in confidence and start her basic training. She would benifit from living with another dog who likes to play and can help to introduce her to home life.

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AdoraDolly said...

We're delighted to say that we've adopted 'Dancer' (as is her name at the moment!) and will be bringing her home this Sunday.
We've been looking for a rescue Bedlington /Bedlington cross for some time now but, fortunately, they're few & far between. However, by total fate, my husband got an email about Dancer on new years eve night & we went to see her on the 2nd January & have been doing 150 mile trips (we live in Leicestershire) to see her so that she can get used to us!
She is a beautiful & affectionate young girl & we can't wait to have her home. I hope that her sister, Prancer, that she was taken in with, finds her 'Forever Home' very soon as well x
We hope to join you at the walk at Elvaston Castle on Sunday 9th February as its not too far from where we live.

The Stevens Family x