07 December 2013

Do You Know What Breed This Is??

Bedlington 1Bedlington 2

I'm not sure if this will qualify as an "interesting Bedlington" for Stuart -  it's actually a pure-bred, KC-registered Bedlington with a smooth coat, one of a litter which also included conventionally-coated puppies.  I can't recall how many of the puppies were smooth-coated, and how many were "Bedlington-coated".  And I won't mention which one of our "working" brethren produced the litter, which had, in fact, a pedigree which went back generations, all KC-registered.Viv
Thank you Viv, I have never seen or heard of a smooth coated bedlington, quite amazing!


Stuart said...

It has always been easy to slip a bit of "foreign" blood into any line of pedigree dogs and the "working" breeders have been doing it both openly and secretly for many years. Any pedigree is only as true as its writer is honest. As soon as anybody "doubles up" on these foreign genes these sports are likely to appear. We also have to remember that, in the distant past, bull blood was used in the Bedlington's original gene mix and this could also be showing itself in this case. The pictured dog's front looks a bit "Staffy" to me as well. I have heard of a couple of cases of smooth Bedlingtons from East Anglia and wonder if this one is perhaps the result of a rather isolated population bringing these unusual genes together more frequently than would normally be the case. I'd be interested to see the coefficient of inbreeding, but if the pedigree is fiddled this would be meaningless.

JWC said...

Wow! I've never seen a Bedlington like it!!!