10 December 2013

Late Night Shopping



Hello to all our Blog friends,
Sapphire and Jazz here, we have been busy little people again this week.  We started off the week with an Xmas dinner with our friends from the Oswestry dog training  at a very nice pub next to the canal. We even were allowed to take a doggie bag back of left overs for the next day. The Turkey meal was ever so nice but Jazz and I couldn't finish ours hence the doggie bag each, it was very yum yums. Afterwards Uncle Ian took us on a long adventures for the three of us to walk it off. Jazz and I loved running about and kicking all the leaves from the trees. On Friday (Uncle Ian's Day off) Jazz and I had a fantastic day, we got up early and we went for our daily walk, we started from the wharf in Ellesmere and walked down the tow path towards LLangollen.  When we got to Techill we met our friend Biggles, and we did a circular walk over fields, there was life stock in the next field and we waited for Uncle Ian to put us on our leads. Thankfully there was only one field with anything in it and they were those animals Jazz and I call mooo cows, when they all started to follow us we stayed calm and just carried on walking, we were such good dggoies! Uncle Ian and Biggles said that the moo cows were well behaved and that Jazz and I were very good little dogs. By the time we got back to the wharf we went straight home to tell Granny of our adventures.

After our afternoon  snooze we had our teas early then  Uncle Ian and Granny put our Santa Paws coats on and since we had been so good we could go with them to Oswestry late night shopping.  We parked the car and walked into town were Granny went to a shop  and Uncle went to his office to pick a new rota up for this coming week,  he took us with him and all the office staff said how smart we looked in our doggie paws coats. We met up with Granny and  went to look around all the stores, (don't tell Ganny but Jazz and I had some goes on the fun fair rides which was exciting)!  As we walked slowly passed the stores and the shops people came to say how great we looked, they even came out of the shops  to give us lots of fuss. By the time we got home Jazz and i were so tired of all the fussing we went straight off to bed with a nice big chew for being so good, so for now bye, bye from Sapphire and Jazz.

P.S we wish all of our friends out there in blog world seasonal Greetings to one and all of you with lots of cuddles and kisses. We even saw some reindeer who we think was Kevin, Rudolf's cousin down the road pulling a sleigh)

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Sarah and Tony said...

Happy Christmas Jazz, sapphire, Ian, Carmel and Brian from Ed, Ossie, Rosie and Jasper