05 December 2013

News: The unlikely romance that produced a litter of 'Wotties':


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Stuart said...

Has anybody got any pics of interesting Bedlington crosses?

Viv at Sevray said...

What exactly are the benefits of this cross? Was it an accident or just stupidity?
I can understand the reasons for producing a cross-breed for a specific purpose (like the original Dobermann Pinscher and the labradoodle) but when people do crosses just so they can have catchy (silly) names, I'm afraid I don't get it at all.

Polly said...

It's money Viv, labradoodles, cockerpoos and other stupidly named crosses will sell for @ £1000 or so !,, no health tests, despite both breeds needing them :-( Often, the buyers are told that the cross is superior in some way and disappointed when they find out the truth, but then it's too late.

Greeders, not breeders

As for this cross, as you say, either stupidity or greed - there's an injection available to stop unwanted pregnancy.