06 December 2013

Rescue Calendars

It looks as if I shall not be able to get any more Rescue calendars printed for a while. The printers were hit by an arson attack on Wednesday night - someone set fire to the bins, which set the workshop alight, and the printing presses have been damaged / destroyed.  Caroline and Richard's two dogs, a GSP and a whippet, were asleep in the office end of the building, and were rescued by firemen, unconscious but alive, and are recovering.  There may be a few more calendars already printed which I may be able to collect later in the week, and if they are OK, I'll take them to LKA when I've filled the few orders already waiting.

Thank you to everyone who has bought the calendars - although the costs have gone up since last year, I hope to be able again to make a sizeable donation to the Rescue early in the New Year, once all the bills have been paid. Viv

Thank you Viv, the calendars have been a great success, well done! 

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Sarah and Tony said...

This is terrible, hope the dogs are OK