03 December 2013

Sapphire Reporting For The K9 Crew



Hello Everyone

Sapphire  here. Well where on earth do we start, we would like to thank you all for the nice comments on my 5th anniversary with my new is family. Jazz, granny, granddad and uncle Ian and I have enjoyed every second of my time here. I am so lucky with everything that I have done, all the new friends I've met,  everything that Jazz and Uncle Ian have shown me. like rallying in the forests, fishing, and not forgetting being in the dog display team. I must admit that I'm a lucky little girl dog to be loved so much.  We (Jazz and I) go for such nice walks every day with Uncle Ian and the day we celebrated my anniversary we got taken out for a special walk and a special tea. It was such a nice day with lots of lovely cuddles and lots of love by the truck load. On Friday Jazz and I put on our Xams Santa coats and we were taken for a walk down into Ellesmere town for the Winter Festival and late night shopping. WOW it was great we had some mulled wine which warmed our little paws and saw a lots of people carrying hand made lanterns which were fabulous!  Jazz and I got very excited when even saw Doggie Paws coming along the street in his sleigh and he came to see if, we had been a good little boy and girl  He gave us a big kiss and told us that we had better be asleep on Xmas Eve when he comes to visit

At the weekend Uncle Ian took us for a 10 mile walk down the canal  around Colemere and back,  we met up with lots of our doggie friends and by the time we got home jazz and I were tired from all the playing and running around. On Sunday we got up early for another adventure around the local park were we met up with more friends, when we got home we had some pate on toast with a cup of tea with Granny and Uncle Ian, then Jazz and I put our paws up and watched a film on the telly called " Snow Dogs" . After, we helped to put the Xmas tree  before we had our teas then had a relaxing evening with our paws up dreaming about what a lovely week that we have had.  So for now Woof, Woof, Woof from Sapphire and the Roaming reporters (another department of the K9 Marshal Crew )
P S here are some pictures of some of the lanterns we saw.



Thank you Sapphire life is one long party and adventure in your home. We always look forward to catching up with your news on the blog. Do take a photo of you in your Santa Coat next to your Christmas Tree. What fantastic lanterns in the parade at Ellesmere 


enid said...

You have been busy!

Paul / Debbie said...

We always look forward to read about Sapphire and Jazz outings,Great photo of the dogs.