23 December 2013

Tired Out!!


Hello and Seasonal Greeting Everyone,
Sapphire and Jazz here. What a busy time, with nice adventures and walks with our Uncle Ian. Last weekend was his weekend off, so he said that we will go on some special walks and WOW did we have fun. On Friday we went to Llangollen were we saw the steam trains at the station taking people off to see Santa. We also saw Thomas the tank engine!   After we went for a look around the shops, Jazz and I were fussed all the way. On Saturday we all got up early and we went with Uncle Ian to the midlands to see some of the family but Jazz and I were not expecting what came on the way home. Uncle Ian stopped off in Telford and told Jazz and myself to get our Four Paw Drive ready, we needed it as we went up this very big hill called The Wrekin and to say Jazz and I enjoyed it was an understatement. We thought we were rallying again, we were paw spinning everywhere. When we got to the top we could almost see our house 34 miles away. Jazz did say that he could see the pub from up there (ha ha ha).While Uncle caught his breath Jazz and I raced around playing and having a whale of a time. On our way down we went along a path which in the summer time Uncle Ian said would be covered in Bluebells. By the time we got to the car it was Jazz and I out of breath from all of our running about.aaaaaaa

After tea we went into the back garden and heard someone over the back so Jazz and I ran upstairs into the back bedroom to catch the person or people making all the noise, Uncle Ian opened the window and we all saw Santa Paws in his Sleigh with  Xmas Carols and songs coming from it. Uncle Ian took us to see him but it was to dark for him to take a pictures but Santa said that we will have to wait for Xmas day to see what he brings us. 
Friday night we went to the Whitchurch dog display team Xmas meal and we had a nice turkey dinner and we were given some calendars with our pictures on them. So
for now we will say good bye we heard Uncle Ian shouting for us, we think he is taking us on another nice walk somewhere.
Seasonal greetings to one and all we hope you all have a very nice Xmas and a Happy New Year xxx from Sapphire and Jazz

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire another fun weekend for you both, I bet you are getting very excited now it is so close to Christmas day


enid said...

Happy Christmas from the Pengerrig Gang!

Paul / Debbie said...

Love the Santa coats,Happy Christmas from Archie and Dylan xx