13 December 2013

Woodhorn Lantern Parade

2013-12-01 16.36.43

2013-12-01 17.08.372013-05-11 17.18.02

I  thought you might like a picture of the giant Bedlington Terrier lantern that was part of a brilliant lantern parade at Woodhorn last week. There was also a fire breathing dragon. I've included a pic of Maisie who came to us over 4 years ago through Mr Waller
Happy Christmas everyone, Brian, Stacey and Maisie x

Thank you Brian and Stacey, just goggled Woodhorn and it is near Ashington bedlington country!  What a beautiful bedlington lantern, in the photo it looks huge!
Your Maisie  is just  like our Asha, some colouring and cheeky expression!


martin and julie said...

Lovely photo of Maisie

Martin, Julie and Oscar


Missed that one. Would have been a good trip out.

The Makems

brian martin said...

Thankyou Martin, Julie and Oscar

The Makems, Yes, it was lovely and my photos don't do it credit. There were about 8 big lanterns from the different areas, a fayre, a large choir and lots of other stuff.