30 January 2013

The Secret Life Of Dogs ITV Thursday

ITV1 will air The Secret Life of Dogs this Thursday, 31 January at 9pm.
Heroic acts by canines big and small are used to illustrate the intelligence, intuition and downright decency of dogs in this documentary exploring the inner world of our faithful companions.

Pigeons Aren't The Only Ones With The Homing Instinct!

I'm quite sure I am not alone in my delight and relief that Remy has been found. Though I have to admit to being optimistic about her return following a recent event in our village. It will be 3 weeks ago on Thursday that Annie and her husband lost their collie Mollie, she took fright at very loud gun blast while out for a walk on the local playing fields and fled. Despite them searching until the early hours of the following day she was nowhere to be seen. Posters were put up all around the village, dog lost, radio and all other authorities were contacted all to no avail. As you all know the weather was particularly unpleasant with snow and freezing temperatures at night which made everyone's concern for Mollie even greater. Annie and her husband widened their search to the neighbouring villages over the weekend but still no sign joy, I can’t begin to imagine how dreadful they must have felt.
It was on the Monday morning as I walked down to the shops I noticed several people watching something. All at once a small black and white collie came careering around the corner, swerving past me, she just kept running up the road. I turned and ran as fast as I could after her but was too late as she had already arrived on her own doorstep before I could catch her up! Annie needless to say was overcome, I don't think she thought she,d see her again. Where she'd been for 4 days and very cold nights I don't suppose they'll ever know, she was rather bedraggled and thin but very happy to be home. So I think the moral of the story is never lose hope cos pigeons aren't the only ones with a homing instinct. Jane

Thank you Jane Mollie’s owners must have been so worried, all that time missing especially out  in such cold weather. Many farm collies live out and luckily collies are pretty tough and have thick  coats to protect them from the cold and wet. Some other breeds may not have survived. Three weeks is a very long time to go missing if only she could tell Annie where she had been.. 

29 January 2013


Fantastic News: REMY HAS BEEN FOUND!

Tuesaday 8 am


Who Are You?



Bellas first hair cut today, Bailey wondered where his black play mate had gone and replaced. He soon realised it was her and they were back to being as close as ever!
Thank you kirsty. Bella looks fabulous. I bet Bailey is very proud of his new pin up girl!

Betty Beach Ball Very Poorly


Many bloggers won’t know Betty but she one of our of our all time favourites .We see Betty every year at the Bedlington Fun Day, she is a real character! Everyone loves Betty who is rather rounded, carriers oodles of soft pale coat with tassels to die for. Betty is a real girlie girl and we would see her on the blog with pink or blue tassels. Unfortunately Betty who is nearly 14 is very poorly with a serious heart condition. Out thoughts and get better Betty wishes go to Betty, Diane and Billy.

   belt up096[4]

28 January 2013

Lost Bedlington


Click HERE for further details, do hope Remy is found very soon! Alfrick is in Worcestershire.

A Very Happy Birthday To…….


Sharon who is somewhere on slopes enjoying a skiing holiday. Have a wonderful time Sharon, enjoy your birthday and see you at the ring side soon.

Yesterday At Cambridge

Bedlington Judge (Jens Ruck (Austria)


1st, Bluesmurf Glory Days BP
2nd Burmington Reet Petitie
3rd  Burmington Hush a Bye


Post Graduate
1st Vakurblue Bacon Buttie
2nd Gnejnabay Just Asha At Burmington
3rd Vakurblue Eggie Bread3333

1st Mollora Hazy Days at Bluesmurf  BOB
2nd Burmington Truly Blue
3rd Burmington And Me Too
4th Seaofiron Where Angels Play

Any Variety And Group Judge Linda Cooper


AV Open
1st Burmington Truly Blue


AV Veteran
1st Burmington And Me Too.
Parker went on to win Best AV Terrier.

27 January 2013

Today at Cambridge
Congratulations to Christine Worrall for BOB and BP.
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Just Like My Dad!


Seamus is a chip of the old block.
We was going to send these photos to you before we saw Ecco on the blog. The snow has nearly all gone here, but then we only live 100 yards or so from the beach so we tend to get less. Sally & Sean


Thank you Sean and Sally definitely like father like son!

26 January 2013

Today At Northern Dog Show

Today was Northern Dog Show, at Middlesborough, we didn't know if we would make it, because of all the snow. We have had in Consett, we've been digging the street out all week to clear the way. There was 4 judges that didn't turn up, due to the snow, one of which was the Terrier judge, so it was a long day, waiting for judges to become free to to judge other Groups. We were the only bedlington entered, but we had some good results.


Aireview Dancing Queen , BOB, Group 1, Puppy Group 1

1st in Puppy Stakes

It was good to see Julie around the ring again, even if it was just to spectate, good to know she's on the mend. Thanks Lesley & John McNally

Congratulations, and well done for turning out in such awful conditions, hopefully the snow is melting up north as it is down here in the midlands.

Dog Evolved 'On The Waste Dump'



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-9 In Tredegar


snow28 002

It's been snowing all day again yesterday. Larry forgot he is 14 and had a mad five mins. racing around the snow family in the garden. Ecco has been looking for mice in the deep snow. He loves burying his head in the white stuff. Tredegar, where Kevin and Elwyn live was one of the coldest places in the country last night when temperatures dropped to -9 deg. C.

snow28 001

Thank you Enid, it is lovely to read Larry is fit and well and enjoying life. it rained here last night and we can actually see patches of green  in the garden! Unfortunately the snow is going to be replaced by rain today and next will be having flood warnings. I think grandchildren have had a lot of fun building their snow family! 

25 January 2013

On The Mend

A Note from Julie  to say that she is getting a lot better, the back operation went wjjjjjjjell and she is  healing well and should be back showing at Crufts

I did not know Julie has been in hospital but pleased to read she is on the mend and at home. We wish  Julie a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her back in the ring at Crufts.

Archie & Dylan


Archie and Dylan out for their morning stroll, still plenty of snow here and it looks like we are going to get a lot more. We want it to go now because we miss our long walks, we can’t go far in this weather as the snow sticks to us. Deborah, Archie and Dylan
Hang on in there Archie and Dylan I think you are in for  few more inches today! 

Poppy Blu


Just seven months old chillin’ Thanks to Tim for the photo, I wonder what she thought of the snow?


Bieke and Bonnie in the snow

Hello to everyone from the sadly snow-free bit of England. Bieke and Bonnie got fed up hearing about everyone on the blog having fun in snow so we today took them out to find some. We couldn't find much but they still had great fun chasing snowballs and each other. Eventually they accumulated so much snow that we thought we had better bring them home before they froze to the spot.

Warming each other up in front of the stove

After a bit of defrosting they cuddled up together in front of the fire and went to sleep. Now they are hoping that tomorrow will bring us some snow, they think it will be grand to see snow on the beach! Best wishes Ruth and Howard

Thank you Ruth and Howard there  never seems to be much snow round the coastal towns but you may be lucky today, the forecast today is for snow in the north. I love the photo of them cuddled close to the stove. 

24 January 2013

Happy First Birthday To …..


Bailey who is 1 today, hip hip hooray, needless to say humans get the cake dogs get the treats and toys! Kirsty

Thank you Kirsty I think Bailey would have liked the cake as well, hope he had fun with his new toys and enjoyed his birthday treats..

News: British Native Dog Breeds Stage Comeback


Click HERE

23 January 2013

Flint Has A Trim


Thought you might like this pic of Flint for the blog. After a couple of hours with a furry whirlwind, it finally turned out looking like a Bedlington! Really, though, he was good - he'll "stand" for a treat, and does a very neat "sit". Next step is "walk" .....Viv

Thank you Viv Flint certainly does look like a bedlington, he is standing on the table like a very experienced show dog. Flint looks lovely, there is definitely going to be some quality puppies in the ring this spring.

News: Dog Dumped And Chained In Snow At Flintshire Rescue Centre.


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Barney Here we have Barney with his first taste of the snow. Barney is litter brother to Ivan, Ramsey, Chino, Bertie and Eli, Asha’s babies will be seven months old on Saturday. Many thanks to Lizzie for the photo

How to Get Rid of a Dog's Cold

I am not sure about dog’s having colds as we know them but there has been some reports of bedlingtons having a dry occasional cough, . The symptoms seem to clear quickly and are mild compared to the severe hacking associated with Kennel Cough. Click on the link for some dog cold advice.

Click HERE

Please do leave a comment if you can give further advice on kennel cough and remedies.

22 January 2013

Out And About In Bristol



Exhibition: Reigning Cats and Dogs at the RWA Clifton Bristol


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News: UK Native Dog Breeds 'At Risk Of Extinction'


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Morris Is12 Today


Happy Birthday to Angela and Stuart’s  Morris (Lowbrook Lambent Laurel). Do  hope a special pork pie cake is on the menu for tea, it may be a struggle to fit on all the candles.

Show Update


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Show Diary 2013

1 new show added today

City of Cambridge (Fosse Data)
On 27th January
Rugby and District (Fosse Data)
On 2nd February
West Midlands Terrier (Fosse Data)
On 9th February
Maidenhead & District (EJC Print)
On Feb 16th February
Cheltenham & District Canine Society (Foss Data)
On 17th February
Midland Bedlington Terrier Club (Arena Print)
On 23rd February
Swindon & District Canine Society (EJC Print)
On 2nd March
On 7th March
Chertsey & District Canine Society (Fosse Data)
On March 29th

National Bedlington Terrier Club (Arena Print)
On 30th March
National Terrier (championship Show) (Fosse Data) champ show with CC’s
On 6th April
Newcastle (Staffs)& District Canine Society
On 7th April
Cleveland Dog Society
On 20th April
WELKS (Dog.biz) champ show  with CC’s (Fosse Data)
On April 28th
Birmingham National Championship Show with CC’s (Fosse Data)
On May 9th

Bath Canine Society (Dog. biz) champ show no CC’s (Dog.biz)
On 24th May.
Three Counties (Dog.biz) champ show with no CC’s (Dog.biz)
On 6th June
Derbyshire Agricultural & Horticultural Society (Dog.biz)
On 23rd June
Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Championship Show
June ?Blackpool Championship Dog Show with CC’s (Fosse Data)
On 21st June

21 January 2013

Our Best Wishes Go To


Ken Bounden who is in hospital undergoing tests. Ken is due to come home on Wednesday. Lots of love and keep smiling from everyone on the blog.

What A Grown Up Boy


I just wanted to share some new photos of Jacob with you. He is growing way too fast. He is a very smart little guy and pays such close attention to everything you do. He never takes his eyes off of me!! Chris has taught him how to catch some of his soft toys out of the air...he doesn't always catch it but his style and his jumps at the attempt are fantastic..he keeps us very amused! Jacob wil be 6 months old next week..where does the time go!?

Jacob@5 12 monthsbb

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia , Storey & Jacob (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Thank you Tricia where does the time go? It only seems like yesterday you drove nearly 24 hours  to collect a little bundle of fluff from his breeder. What do the girls think about having a man around the house?

Post Card From New York


Thanks to Stuart for scanning this great post card for us. I don’t have any date but guessing the late 50’s The bedlingtons just need some goggles and scarfs to complete the picture!

Note From Angela
Information on the card is that the lady in the picture is an actress by the name of Constance Brigham and it was taken in New York in 1956 . I haven't heard of her I wonder if any of the bloggers have ?

Thanks Angie I was not far out with the date, never heard of the actress!

What’s Up Mum?


We called the beddies, after they were all dried off and they sat like this! Anyone would think we had something exciting in our hands not a towel! Kirsty
Lovely photo Kirsty I can see this photo n a nice frame on the mantelpiece!

Playfull K9 Marshal Crew


We hope everyone is keeping safe and warm in this snowy weather. Sapphire and Jazz just want to be out all the while playing in the snow and having snow ball fights. When they go for their daily adventures they want to go sledging with all the children.I wanted to tale photos but they were moving to quickly for my camera on my phone and most of the photos came out all blurred. They love the snow so much and the children like sledging with them too. Sapphire and Jazz tried to make a snow dog this year and the front end crumbled apart and it ended up looking as if it was digging.  I laughed and they both paw spun and covered me in snow and then they were the ones laughing!


We ended up having 5 inches of snow which made my going to work that bit dangerous specially when I had to be 5 miles away from home at 7am in the morning. You could not tell which was road and which was the grass verge. By the time I got to my first appointment  the Bedlie Limo weighed another ton extra with all the snow on it, Sapphire and Jazz didn't mind all they wanted to do is get out and play in all the snow, Today we went to Colemere for a walk and we met up with a lot of our friends so Sapphire and Jazz spent a lot of time playing and running about covering their doggie friends with snow.  When we got home  I thawed them out in some luke warm water, they had their teas and continued to play for an hour until they had a nice shoe chew for being so good. We think the snow is slowly  thawing out now so it might make it easier for me to get about.  Sapphire and Jazz don't want it to go, bless them but they still have lots of fun while it’s still here so for now Bye Bye Ian Jazz and Sapphire
Thank you Ian I don’t know about the snow thawing it has been snowing lightly all day here yesterday. Our dogs love being out in the snow but washing off the snow boots on four dogs is a bit of a chore! Hopefully things will improve during the week, the dogs may like the snow but I don’t. 

20 January 2013

Wanted A Crufts Catalogue For Terriers 1990

I have had an inquiry for anyone with a 1990 catalogue.  If you have a catalogue for this date and would like to sell it please email me. It must be in excellent condition and an excellent price is being offered!

The actual original catalogue  has been requested!

Real Snow Boots

The picture of Archie and Dylan in their boots made of snow made me laugh! Boy seems to need to try and get the snow off from between his toes whilst he is still out, so I googled “snow boots for dogs” and came up with this You Tube video! If anyone has some spare fleece material they might want to try making these! Andrea


Thank you Andrea a very easy way to protect sensitive paws in extreme condtitions.

Fashionable Archie And Dylan In the Latest Must Have Snow Boots!

aaaaWhat about theses for snow boots

And now its time for the hair dryer treatment

Thank you Deborah, looks like Archie and Dylan had a great time out playing in the snow!.



Out this morning hunting the river bank

Bella And The Gang


Whilst my big brother was trying to chase snowflakes, I apparently had to do wee wee on the grass quick quick! I hate to tell the humans but there was a distinct lack of grass so I had to go on the white stuff! I hated it! Hopefully I will be like my big sister soon who flatly refused to go anywhere near any snow and remained snuggled on the bed snoozing for most of the day!
Love and woofs 
Bella and the gang
I don’t know where you live but I don’t think you will be seeing any green stuff for a while, it is snowing again in Oxfordshire. A nice warm bed is the place to be!

Hannah’s Bedlington Jumpers

Several people emailed me to say they could not get through to Hannah, you can now contact her at  Hannahleigh88@hotmail.co.uk