31 March 2013

Today At Kelmarsh Game Fair


We all shivered but it was worth getting cold with Mark and his bedlington Billy winning the terrier racing and Nicky with Yuva winning the working bedlington show class. Well done Billy and Yuva 
For anyone going tomorrow there will be another bedlington class in the working terrier show and terrier racing. Do take along your wellies as by lunch time today the ground had turned from a frozen tundra into thick sticky mud!

Also congratulations to Sally and Enzo who won BOB at Wellingborough Open Show today.

Kelmarsh Game Fair

8 bedlingtons so far.

NBTC Winners

BIS Bisbee Belle Inni ( Dorothy Owen)


BPIS Aireview Dancing Queen At Conkesheved (John and Lesley McNally)

Many thanks to Paul for the photos

30 March 2013

Results From Today Natioinal Bedlington

Judge: Mrs Jane Graham

BIS Bisbee Belle Inni ( Dorothy Owen)
RBIS Doehay Queen Of Hearts (Dot Shorrok)
BOS Tcheria Shenanigans (Gavin and Sally)
BP Aireview Dancing Queen At Conkesheved (John and Lesley McNally)
RBP Burmington Say I Do (Jayne Fletcher)
BV Alice Springs At Cassdenal ( Denise Burns)

Congratulations to all the winners.

Happy Easter


Easter Bedies

28 March 2013

Fen Has A Trim


This is the before and after photo of  Katherine’s puppy “Fen.”Just look at all that hair on the grooming table, she will be able to run extra fast now!

Jade Anderson death: No dog complaints recorded at Atherton house


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Has DOG meat been found in our food?


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Another New Liver Pup.

Hello Bloggers,
Bailey came for his first trim today and encountered Elba the Makems cat out in the garden.  As you can see he's another Liver pup out of a litter of 7, three Blue and four Liver born down on the coast at Hordon, Co. Durham.  Bailey is fourteen weeks old and looking forward to getting out and about to work off some energy.


Oh! what's that, Iv'e never seen one of those before, wonder if he'll play with me


Strange noise, growling,  coming from that strange thing on the path, better to make a quick retreat.


Perhaps next time he might be a bit more friendlier.  I did enjoy the romp around the garden with the Makems clan.  Hope to meet up on the beach soon and have a really good run about.

Thank you Derek what a lovely puppy, I wonder what he thought of Elba. I just love his cute brown button nose. Do hope we receive more photos of Bailey, he certainly looks very handsome in his new bedlington trim.

27 March 2013

What A Big Softie!


Here's what Ivan thinks of the cold weather.  He's all snuggled up on a hot water bottle!!
Thank you Jayne I think I will join him!

News:Girl found dead in house with dogs 'out of control'


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Father And Daughter


We're off to Bamburgh for Easter - will take lots of photos on the beach. & tomorrow there will be 5 Beddies & a red lab in mum & dads house! Photos of the bedlam will be winging there way to you too! Katherine
Thank you to katherine Tuck  for the lovely a lovely photo of Mac and Fen the puppy. Enjoy your Easter Break and we will look forward to the photos. Mum and Dad will certainly have their hands full looking after the pack.

News from Wales


Good morning, Bloggers. It's still bitterly cold here but most of the white stuff has disappeared. I do hope it warms up soon. Just a reminder that Terrier Club of South Wales is on 6th. May. It's our 25th. Anneversary Show so there is prize money on offer.
BIG £50    RBIG £25     G3 £15     G4 £10
BPIG £25   RBPIG £15   PG3 £10   PG4 £5
All BOB will have £5
Puppy, Veteran and Champion Stake winners  £10
A schedule can be downloaded from TCSW Facebook page or get in touch and I'll bring schedules to National Terrier.
Jen Lacey had another good day a Bridgewater winning BOB and terrier Group 4. Apparently it was freezing there and she had on about six layers of clothing.
Our grandson has a bit part in Casualty on Saturday. He's the boy on the exercise bike in a boxing gym and will probably be on for 5 secs. but we'll all be watching!
I'll ring the KC later to find out who won the Terrier Booth in Discover Dogs.
Thanks Enid well done to Jen Lacey.

26 March 2013

25 March 2013

A Letter to All Our Helpers At Crufts Discover Dogs


Here is the letter from the KC thanking everyone for taking part in Discover Dogs this year. Enid.


Blue and Glenroy


Thank you to  Mathew for the photo of  Blue his lovely Bedlington Lurcher and Glenroy the Labrador

Lovely Bedlington Lurchers

Billy and Fraggleaaaaaaa

I thought you mike like to see my Penfold's son, Billy (with the white topknot) and grandson, Fraggle. They belong to my friend Tanya, and live with Weasel, the whippet Tanya and I co-own.  Hope everyone is well - Viv

Thank You Viv I just love the lurchers they are real sporting dogs. I love Billy with his white top not. I would love a small broken coated lurcher. Has anyone got a bedlington x Italian Geyhound? Is this a viable cross for a small working lurcher?
Talking about sporting dogs it is Kelmarsh game fair Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday It is a wonderful day out with lots to see  including terrier racing and simulated coursing.  There is a bedlington class in the working terrier show.
Mark and Michelle who have got Jess & Billy the bedlingtons and ourselves with Asha and Diesel are all planning to go on the same day and enter the coursing and bedlington class. We have not yet decided on which day but will make a decision nearer the time dependent on the weather. Do come along and join us and support the working bedlington class, email me for further details.

Bella Say’s Hello


Have just seen the picture of my sister Mandy playing in the snow, so thought I would show you my new hair cut I had today, only ears and tail, nothing major! Haven't heard from flint for a while, hope he is ok in the snow too! Hoping to come and see Mandy and flint if they come to a show nearer the south and we will sail over and see them!
Love to all. Bella and the gang
Thank you Kirsty, it would be lovely if you could arrange to all meet up!

24 March 2013

Does Anyone Know Who This Is?


Lise Nilsson  bought the picture in the UK 1998 at the big anniversary in Newcastle !!! Is this Fred Gent?

Today’s Shows

Congratulation to Julie Oxbury today at Saltburn and District open show with Severay Whisper BOB and group 3 :
And down south to Jane McCourt with Berite (Burmington Hushaby) being awarded puppy group 3 from AVNSC puppy. I can’t remember the show.

Crufts Photos By Nina Bläser

NIna Has just uploaded the last of her Crufts bitch photos.I would like to thank Nina for the wonderful Crufts album. It would have taken Nina a lot of time to produce this album and I am sure appreciated not only by all of us who were at Crufts  but especially to those fanciers who could not attend. 

Crufts 2013-3690_1500x1000:

Bitch Challenge Certificate Gnegnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook


Reserve Challenge Certificate 180 Jetsway Absolut Bling


BOS: Gnegnabay Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook & BOB Bisbee Ikatcher at Kierlander

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Mandy Loves The Snow


Here is a Picture of Mandy  taken this morning showing it is never to cold or to early to play in the snow. She hopes her sister Belle is enjoying herself too. Kind regards Karen

Thank you Karen, Mandy looks to be having fun in the snow and has plenty of coat to keep out the winter chill,  I think all puppies love their first experience of playing in the snow. We wish Mandy all the best in her show career which begins at National Terrier in a couple of weeks time.

Crufts Extra




Many thanks to Mark Allinson for the photos. 

Microchipping At The BTA Show

We will be at the Bedlington Terrier Association club show on Saturday 20th April 2013.
As you are aware as from 16th April 2016 it is law that all dogs and puppies must be microchipped or the owner could face a fine of £500.00.
At the show you can have your dog microchipped for £10.00 by a Vet trained Implanter.
We aim to get your dogs details registered with Ptlog by midnight the same day.
For more information please do a google search for
Thanks Trudie

23 March 2013

Fun On The Beach In Wales


Just a couple of photos of Lucy & Alys at Discover dogs at Crufts earlier this month. They always enjoy all the fuss they get and we really enjoy our day too. Many thanks to Enid and Hefin.
We then drove to Barmouth North Wales for a week. We were really lucky and had sunshine most days and although it was cold and windy, no rain at all. The dogs loved running on the beach, which we did most days all along the coast. We look forward to the Fun Day in July.
Regards, Rod Chris Lucy & Alys


Thank you Rod and Chris, what a lovely photo of the lady giving your girl a cuddle. How lucky you were to have dry and sunny days on your break, I bet the dogs enjoyed their romp on the beach. Let’s hope you we have glorious warm weather for the Fun Day in July.

22 March 2013

National Terrier Info

73  Bedlingtons making 104 entries. First in ring 12 at 9:AM

Most Of Us Pass Through This Tunnel Once Or Twice A Year!


This Is nostalgic photo taken by Mark Allinson. We may never walk this way again if the West Car Park is permanently closed!

Mia has 5 Beautiful Pups

-JwEMTNdb31XKiNXAjQ6o0KvxFSm_tEAtv0w5f1_YqA (1)

Congratulations  to Mark and Glen and many thanks for their photo of their lovely bitch Mia and her new litter of babies. Mia delivered 4 boys and 1 girl. Mother is Mia - Sharnor Emerald Eavan Erela &  Father is Blue - Sharnor Flashy Firefly. It is lovely to have more pups on the blog and we will look forward seeing them grow and develop.



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21 March 2013

News: Biddenham 'attack' dog handed to police by owner

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Confused About FCI Rules in Europe

Dog shows in Europe are governed by the FCI. The rules for making up champions  is very different to our Kennel Club rules. Hopefully the link below will help us to understand what happens when showing under FCI rules.  


CACIB – (Certificat d'Aptitude au Championnat International de Beauté de la FCI)

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale has 84 member countries as of May 2008, with one member per country. Each member country regulates its own breed clubs and stud books, and trains its own judges; the Fédération Cynologique Internationale acts as an international coordinating body, making sure that pedigrees and judges are internationally recognized. In addition, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale sponsors and regulates the world Dog Show and international dog shows. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale is not connected to any other dog club or body that also uses the acronym "FCI".


When a dog leaves an FCI show ring, with or without a ribbon, every dog receives a written critique in which the judge describes the dog’s quality, strengths and weaknesses. These written critiques are very valuable, especially when they come from well-known judges who are knowledgeable in the breed.

Click HERE for an explanation on FCI rules in Europe

News: Hate mail in show world: police force investigates



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20 March 2013

News From Wales


Thank you to everyone who sent messages and cards of condolences. It was much appreciated by Hefin and I.
Things are getting back on track and last Sunday we watched Jen Lacey getting Terrier Group 1 with Cora at Pontypridd Canine Society. They were just pipped to the post for RBIS.
The date for Terrier Club of South Wales is Monday 6th. May. I think I put 5th of may last week. It's the Spring Bank Holiday Monday.
Tim has been in the hospital for tests but I am pleased to say that he is home and feeling better.
Elwyn's 15 year old computer has broken down so he's going to treat himself to a new laptop so that he can keep in touch with Linda and Alma in New Zealand.
It's still very cold here with snow on the hills and more forecast. Larry won't venture out without his coat. It's hard to believe that it's the first day of Spring. Enid
Thank you Enid, congratulations to Jen and Cora who looks to be  in lovely coat in the photo! It is great to see bedlingtons winning the group at Open Shows. Do hope Tim enjoyed his Crufts judging it must be very hard trying to the choose his winners amongst so many lovely dogs. Pleased to read he is feeling better and home from hospital..
I think Elwyn will find a huge difference in his new computer technology has move on so much in 15 years do send him our best wishes.
Well no snow here, we had agility training today and it was very pleasant as long as you kept on the move to keep warm. We have the first of the agility shows this weekend.