31 May 2013

Fine Weather For Tomorrow

Weather hot and sunny today with the same forecast for tomorrow. Wear a hat.

Southern Counties Championship Show

Two Peas From Different Pods!


Here we two very similar liver bedlington boys ‘Guy who is not KC registered and Chokko a show bedlington. It is a shame Guy is not registered, from the photos he looks to be a lovely dog! .  

Ronnie’s Baby Brother


Hi bloggers, here are a few pictures of Ronnie with her new baby brother Sparky! He's a whippet cross of some kind though we don't know exactly what, do any bloggers have any ideas? I'd love to know what people think? The word 'Saluki' has cropped up, in which case it's just as well we'rr moving to a bigger house soon! He's certainly growing fast and from the size of his paws he looks as though he's going to be a big lad! He is somewhere between 12-15 weeks now, though these pics were taken a fortnight ago so he is about twice the size now! We adopted him through Helping Pets North East who had rescued him after irresponsible 'breeders' gave him a bad start in life. He's been with us for a few weeks now and has settled in so well! As you can see, Ronnie loves playing with him- she's nearly 2 and still a daft puppy at heart so it's nonstop tumbling and wrestling in our house at the minute! It's mostly good natured though Ronnie does occasionally pin him down and remind him in no uncertain terms just who the boss is round here! Even if he grows to be the size of a Great Dane he'll still have a little woolly tyrant telling him what to do!


Thank you Carly, Sparky certainly has a cheeky face and how lucky he is to have found a  forever home with his new big sister Ronnie. It is difficult to tell what breeding he might be but he certainly has long legs and will probably grow quite tall. We will look forward to lots of updates.

30 May 2013

Flint BOB At The Suffolk Show


We all had a lovely day today at the Suffolk Show, despite the damp and cold.  Flint (Jetsway Chase) was BP, BOB, Group 2 and Puppy Group 1. By the end of the day, he'd had enough, and drooped a bit in the BPIS ring, so nothing further. A very enjoyable day, in good company! We took the dogs in the woods, which were full of bluebells - what a lovely sight the dogs all made, in a sea of blue

The Usual Suspects at the Suffolk Show May 2013

Gay with Barney, Mary with Bridget and Mavis (hiding!), Karen with Flint and Mandy, Joan with Swift, Petal and Ziggy.

Congratulations Viv, great day for young Flint!

Guy Has A Wash And Brush Up



Hi Bloggers Guy before & after his bath and groom.
Nathan Brown

Thank you Nathan Guy  certainly now looks very grown up. Although not related he looks like Chokko, a lovely looking dog!



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Southern Counties Championship Show Do We Need Wellingtons and 4x4’s?

Tomorrow is the first day of the show. After all this rain does anyone know the condition of the exhibition area and camping field? The weather forecast for the weekend is good but after 48 hours of non stop rain  the grass will take some time to dry out. Bedlingtons show Saturday.

News: Lost dog 'Lady' comes home in chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce


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News: Gang suspected of running illegal dog-selling operation in Slough after shed housing six puppies went up in flames

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27 May 2013

How Uncomfortable Is This?

It's worth it for the sun.

Today At Northunberland County Show



Hi Lesley another good day for the McNally's with John getting BOB with Aireview Cristal Blue. A bit of support for the show dogs with a visit from the Makems.
Regards Carol & Paul.

Thank you Carol and Paul  congratulations to John and Lesley, nice to see  the supporting bedlingtons enjoying an outing at the show.

Billy and Issacc At


The Yorkshire Game Fair yesterday after winning Best Bedlington! Not so hot down souf today!

26 May 2013

We Wish The Best of Luck To…..

Ramsey 1

Jacco with  Ramsey at the weekend as they are entered in a bedlington class at a big show in Holland!

Today At The Yorkshire Game Fair



Congratulations to Billy who won Bedlington Dog  and BOB with Issacc at the Yorkshire Game Fair today, Issacc is certainly winning lots of prizes at the  working bedlington shows, well done!

Janmark Jemaria Wins Reserve CC at Madrid International Dog Show

Jemaria  CC

congratulations to  ( DE MALTESANNA AND MOORSIDE BEDLINGTON TERRIERS) for winning a Reserve CC at the Madrid championship show. Lovely  to see an English bred dog winning top awards. We will look forward to following  this young bedlington’s show career. He just needs one more CC to become a champion! Thank you  to Lynne Siddiq for the photo.

Baby China looking good in the puppy group at Bath

An Eventful Dog Walk


Hi all, an eventful dog walk today with my Bedlington and my Auntie's Malshi and Cockapoo.
Firstly, we parked the car and there was a lot of people looking over the beach banks, and behind the sand dunes was police helicopter, what happened I don't know. Next Lily the Malshi(Shih Tzu X Maltese) pulled to the beck and was off in her own little world paddling away. Then Guy my Bedlington out-ran a whippet, which thought Guy looked like a fluffy little liver bunny. Next a couple of OAP's, one of which was absolutely off his rockers, thinking his mobility scooter was a 4x4 in the dean,  through the sand, off-road and up mini hills. Finally, to finish the day on calm note we popped in the pet shop and bought some dried tripe, for the dogs! Thanks for reading. 
Nathan Brown & Guy



Thank you Nathan for the photos it  certainly was a very eventful day in what  looks like in glorious weather!

25 May 2013

More Lovely Babies


Still looking for suitable homes for Mr Bue (Gnarklem Blue Eyed Boy) & Mr Green  (Gnarklem Winter Romance).
Thank you to Mark Allinson for the latest photos of his beautiful babies. Please email me for contact details.




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24 May 2013

Results From Bath

BEST BITCH & BOB : 1167 YEARLEY Mr S & Mrs A Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal At Lowbrook JW Sh.CM
RESERVE BITCH & BP :1155 BEESLEY Mr & Mrs J Lowbrook Little China Girl At Flintstor
BEST DOG : 1163 WALSHAW Mr M & Mrs J Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Sh.CM
RESERVE DOG: 1154 AMES Mrs S & Mr N Sharnor Faithful Falcon

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Congratulations to Stuart Louise and Mark and Sharon

Dog years: How do you calculate a dog's true age?


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Bedlingtons Show At Bath Champ Show Today!

Good luck to everyone entered.

Miss Pie And Her Babies


Three little boys all doing well. There are pups available from this litter, please email me for contact details.

23 May 2013

A Very Happy Birthday Today To…..


Enid. Have a lovely day Enid from everyone on the blog.

Busy Having Fun!

Hello To All Our Blogging Friends,


Sapphire and Jazz here,  we have been busy and we haven't finished yet. Just over a week ago we were heading of in to Radnor Forest with Uncle Ian for a weekend of 4 x 4 Rallying. We had a good spot to marshal, we were 1/4 mile from the stage start, on some of fastest bit of forest road leading into a 90 degrees right bend where all the cars were snaking and braking to slow down enough to turn the corner. When Uncle Ian started cooking our sausage breakfast  all the competitors and marshals at the start line complained that with the smell of  bacon, eggs and  sausages  was making them hungry (Ha ha ha ). Once we had, our breakfast Jazz and I were at full throttle playing on the side road,  Uncle Ian kept a close eye on us. We shouted some support to our friend Phil Ibbotson who races a 4x4 MG METRO, he finished the event in 6th place.

Saturday’s weather was rain and wet snow but thank goodness it didn't stick and luckily Sundays weather wasn't to bad so we went to Colemere for a special walk for being so good.  Shropshire Greyhound Rescue was there with their greyhounds, the rescue team were manning a BBQ and 4 stalls  (Greyhound gifts, Tombola stall, lucky dip and a cake stand ). Uncle Ian was very good as he didn't buy any cakes,  he did say  that he was looking after his figure Jazz and I just laughed our heads off it was the best joke we have ever heard!

During the week we had lots of nice walks, we even went to Telacre Beech on the North Wales coast, Jazz and I had so much room to run and play together testing our 4 paw drive and we built a sand castle  we tried to bury Uncle Ian in the sand but he managed to escape.  Last weekend just we did two dog displays at Dreanford Lake by Whitchurch (very nice place indeed doggie fishing heaven).  Both of the displays went well  the weather forecast wasn't very good but to our surprise it wasn't to bad nice and dry on both days. It was sunny and warm on the Sunday so Granny, Jazz Uncle Ian and I had cups of tea and cakes down by the lake it was a lovely setting.


As for this weekend Jazz and I are going with Uncle Ian to the Shropshire County Show  (Uncle Ian said it's the new name for the West Mid Show) to do another dog display with the rest of the team. Jazz and I are getting really excited because there are.some big tractors demonstrating tractor pulling. In last night's Shropshire star (evening paper) Uncle Ian read that there will be a fly past over the show ground by 2 Hurricane and Spitfire air planes yipeeee! We will let you know how we get on. Uncle Ian has made Jazz and myself a cup of tea with a doggie biscuit to dip into it yum, yum, yum.Bye bye for now and we will write soon ( we promise)  Jazz and Sapphire
Thank you Jazz and Sapphire you certainly have  had a busy time, I expect Ian has something nice planned for this bank holiday weekend, have fun!

22 May 2013

A Very Happy 2nd Birthday To Kitty

Little Kitty is two years old today, she's a great great granddaughter of Rotherview Blue Comet on her dad's side, although she's KC she decided to stop growing at just short of 14 inches, everyone thinks she's still a puppy! Kitty shares a sofa with our first Bedlington, Ullig (Swedish for Woolly) who's five - at least she'd like to if he'd leave her any room. Robin and Fiona


Thank you Fiona and Robin and a very happy birthday to Kitty!  I think Kitty will be a forever puppy and really cute. Do hope she enjoyed her special day and Ullig allowed her to share some space on the sofa!,  she can’t take up much room!

Miss Pie and her babies1


Miss Pie has three bouncing boys! Congratulations to Billy and miss Pie.

21 May 2013

Puppy Boys looking for loving forever homes!



Here are photos from two different litters and there is just one boy available from either littler. The puppies in the top photo are 9 weeks and 6 weeks in the bottom photo. If you would like more information email me and Ii will pass on contact details.

Show Update



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20 May 2013

Babies Due Today!


Here we have Billy’s Miss Pie about to give birth. Hope all goes well Billy and we will wait to hearing the good news!

Misa Minnie Smartest puppy 23 wks

.Nothing bedlington but wanted to share this clip with you.  A lot of patience, commitment and time has paid off in training this tiny pup.

Jasper And Friends In scotland

11Rosie - What do I do now?

We thought that you would like to see that we enjoyed our holiday in North East Scotland – lovely campsite very close to Elgin. Ed and Ossie were born nearby, so they were taking us back to their roots.
 There are lovely walks in the woods and by little rivers, nothing too hilly and best of all, huge sandy empty beaches. We grew up on the Isle of Wight, and Rosie and I love beaches. Rosie didn’t quite know what to do with the big hole that she had dug, so she then chased Ed up and down the beach (hard to believe she is twice his age) and I just enjoyed playing with my toy. I have come on so much since my stroke in February- almost back to normal. Ossie enjoyed himself too, he mostly likes beachcombing in the dunes – with only brief spells of exert.

ssssss                                                      Ed chasses Ossie
We visited a couple of interesting ruined castles and Elgin Cathedral (also a ruin) – all very dog friendly. One day we went to Dufftown – the heart of Speyside whisky brewing. We enjoyed some interesting smells walking past the stills. There are 9 distilleries, just in that one small town. Sarah and Tony had an interesting visit to see the casks being made – included a free tasting, of course. Hope to see you at the fun day.
Love Jasper

Jasper with his toy and Ossie in full flight toy.

Thank you Jasper,  you all had a fun time with lots of lovely walks and romps on the beach. I bet Tony and Sarah enjoyed their we dram and tour of the distillery. Look forward to seeing you all at the Fun Day.