31 August 2013

Today At Birmingham City Champ Show

BEST OF BREED : 4509 YEARLEY Mr S D & Mrs A Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal At Lowbrook JW Sh.CM
Best Dog : 4498 BRADY, Ms S & CARTER Mr G Tcheria Shenanigans
Res Best Dog : 4503 JONES OBE, Dr H & JONES Mrs E Pengerrig Unique Sh.CM
Best Bitch : 4509 YEARLEY Mr S D & Mrs A Ch Gnejnabay Genegenie Gal At Lowbrook JW Sh.CM
Res Best Bitch : 4507 LACEY J Bowlingbrook Trick or Treat
Best Puppy : 4497 BEESLEY Mr & Mrs J Lowbrook Little China Girl At Flintstor


For Best Of Breed

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Gavin To Sally

“Where are you”DSC_2682

Parker Veteran Stakes

Parker's Final Groom

Birmingham City Championship Show.





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30 August 2013

Essex Dog Day

Bridie makes the cut

Bridie males the final cut

We went to the Essex Dog Day again yesterday. Bridie made the cut in the puppy class. Not quite so successful with Seamus in the pedigree adult male, or the matching pair, but we enjoyed it all the same.

Seamus waits his turn

Seamus waits his turn We met 2 other bedlingtons among the thousands of dogs there, and Seamus & Bridie did a very good PR job for the breed. Lots of people asked about bedlingtons, and 1 family had been doing quite a lot of research on the breed. We answered as many of their questions as we could, and referred them to the blog with all its links, of course.

I'll just get the hosePeace at last
When we got home, the dogs relaxed in their own way. Seamus had a snooze in the sun, and Bridie decided to pull the hose off the patio to water the garden!
Sally & Sean.
Thank you Sean and Sally sounds like I missed a great family dog event. Well done to Bridie for making the cut in what I expect was a huge puppy class

29 August 2013




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Harry Shares His Birthday Pork Pie


With Lucy, Cilla, Genie and ?

Reserve Best In Show


Took the Yamaha  to the classic bike show. Runner up this time.Billy

Nice looking machine Billy

Bank holiday trip to the Edinburgh Fringe





We had a lovely weekend in sunny Edinburgh. It was the last weekend of the Festival and Fringe: Sarah and Tony went to see a few shows and fitted in some nice walks with us. We saw some entertainers on the Royal mile, including some very good musicians, and as usual featured in lots of holiday-makers photos. We also climbed up Carlton Hill for some great views. Love from Ed, Ossie, Rosie and Jasper

Sounds like you all had a lovely time with the walks and the special  attention from the holiday-makers!

Here Go Again


Hello All Sapphire and Jazz here. We have had a week or two when it has been very quiet  but saying this we have  had some very nice walks with our Uncle Ian, and we have been fishing too. Uncle Ian  has told us that we have some fun weekends coming up, as soon as he gets through next weekend’s work duties.We are booked to do the last dog display in Shawbury Shropshire, which should be great fun as well as finding time for fishing  The weekend following that we are off to R.A.F COSFORD to  a Battle of Britain weekend special and we are keeping our paws crossed we may even see the Lancaster do a fly pass. We also are hoping for a nice long walk down the canal near Welshpool to see if we can see any of our friends. Got to go as we are being called by Uncle Ian for our afternoon walk before we have our afternoon tea and cakes, see you all soon from Sapphire and Jazz.

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire what will you find to do once the displays and the show season  is over? You two lead such fun filled packed summer months!

28 August 2013

Lung Worm Experiement

Do Take time to watch this video clip!

The signs of lung worm Click HERE

Back From Scotland

skc 009skc 003

Back from our trip to Scotland. Solo enjoyed watching the massed pipe bands on the showgroung last Saturday. We've never seen so many kilts and bagpipes! The drum majors competition was very technical with lots of twirling and throwing of batons. Tt was great to see so many young people taking part. Enid and Hefin
Thank you Enid how nice to watch something completely different and traditional at dog show venue.

Meet Roxy


Meet Roxy, one of Issacc’s puppies from a friend’s bitch in Cledon Village. I really wanted this little girl to stay in Sunderland but as luck would have it I showed the picture to my cousin who lives in Stokesly about thirty miles away. The next day Roxy was hers!
Thank you Billy pretty liver girl, I just love those big ears, do hope your cousin keeps us updated with photos.

Egton Working Show


Yet another show on top of the North Yorkshire Moors in the middle of nowhere
Thank you Billy,  you are so lucky to have working shows most weekends up North. Our one local hunt open day show with bedlingtons classes was cancelled this year due to kennel cough. It is great that you and Sue are supporting these shows with bedlingtons.


27 August 2013

I Have Heard of Blue And Tan But Yellow!



After running through a wet field of buttercups Archie and Dylans coats turned a bit yellow,so I had to put them in a near by stream to wash it off. Debbie and Paul
Thank you to Paul f
or the photos. Archie and Dylan must have found very long buttercups to play in. You were lucky the yellow washed off easily!

Great Yarmouth Gorleston & District Canine Society Open Show Sept 29th


Postal Entries Closing Saturday 1st September (Bedlington Classes)

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Bournemouth 13 Judge's Critique


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Fast moving snails spread deadly dog disease across UK


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Outings For Darlington

Just had a couple of nights down at Knarsbrough CC site and spotted this outfit that Sahara  and Tony will recognise.  Not just a small Eriba van but even a small tow car and all the way from Germany!cid_BD56D25E-6736-4A26-9F87-E4E00EA4E46D

So for the folk going to  Darlington show earlier than show day.  As this years show is based at Ripon if you are there on the Thursday the market in Ripon is canny for a visit.  It's not too far to walk from the race course.  Nice pie stall.!cid_960D1592-7CB5-4AB6-A190-442E693ED567


Other outings close to Ripon where you can take dogs and worth a visit.  For those of you who are NT members there's Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Park.  You also can take a  nice leisurely stroll around Thorp Perow Aboretum which is on the Ripon to Bedale road.   Good for the dogs to run around. So expect to see some of you at Darlington,  The Makems

Thank you Derek I just love Ripon and the Yorkshire Dales, many moons ago we lived in a hamlet near Boroughbridge. If it wasn't for family commitments we would move back to the area.

A Very Happy Birthday To……..


Stuart and Angela’s Harry who is 9 today!

26 August 2013



Hello all!
Millie is growing up really fast and is enjoying looking after her ever expanding brood of animals! She will be 1 in September so i think i will have to get her the traditional pork pie Cerys

Thank you Cerys unfortunately they don’t stay puppies for long. I love Millie’s green monster, she looks very happy surrounded by her brood of soft toys. Do send us a photo of her birthday pork pie tea.

Back From Tewkesbury


Just returned from an agility weekend near Tewksbury. I think it will be the last time we enter this show as no internet access from the field and I could not update the blog. Not a brilliant show for us as Parker and I made some mistakes on Saturday and Sunday but we saved the day by coming 2nd in the agility this morning. 

The Sad Story Of ‘Awool’

Over the past days a heart-rending story has been played out via the medium of Facebook . A Bedlington terrier dying, showing the classic symptoms of copper toxicosis
This story is sadly only too familiar to us ! In 1982 we acquired our first Bedlington. A couple of years later we became involved with helping her breeder, Fiona Craig of the Highquest prefix, try to rid the breed of the disease. Following the advice of Fiona and Cambridge University Veterinary School we had a liver biopsy done on our girl, Highquest Homily and to our horror found she was affected with C.T! Fiona calmed us, telling us this was not an automatic death sentence . We kept her on a low copper diet and used the copper chelating drug that was available at that time, but she could not tolerate the pills.  They made her very sick, so we made the decision to stop giving her them, thinking that a shorter happier life was better than a long and miserable on.
Fiona told us that 3 years and 6 years of age were dangerous ages and if she lived past these she could well go on into old age . We were lucky and she lived until she was 15 years old . The poor Bedlington in the facebook story was less than 3 years of age !
In the mid 80's Stuart and I were having telephone calls every week or so from people extremely upset, very often in tears, asking us for help as their Bedlington was very sick . In most cases, as in the facebook story, the breeder did not want to know! With our advice, sometimes the dog would pull through, sometimes not . We thought that these sad days were over but it seems not! This sad story is a wake up call. It is not enough to sit back and wait for the research to be done into the definitive DNA test for C.T. We must publicise the problem, although at the moment none of the tests are 100%  accurate. We must make potential owners aware that when they buy a puppy they must make sure that the breeder is aware of C.T. and is using the tests available to check their breeding dogs' status so as to minimise the risk of producing C.T. affected puppies . Do not just accept the word of the breeder as the poor woman in this story did. Ask to see written proof. Any genuine breeder will be proud to show the certificate. Also, no matter how upsetting it is have an autopsy done on a dog that has died, seemingly of liver failure, it is most important that this is done and the result published wherever possible along with the name of the breeder! In the past, by spreading the word it made it very difficult for breeders who would not test their dogs to sell their puppies. These days we have another medium at our disposal to publicise this terrible illness, the computer. There are enough illnesses and problems that beset our beloved dogs without tolerating ones that can be avoided! If we sit back and do nothing stories like this poor woman's will become more commonplace until all the good that has been done over the past 30 years could be undone and copper toxicosis could return to being the scourge it once was!
A fuller history of copper toxicosis can be found in Ken Bounden's book and the Bedlington Health Group website has an extremely useful section on the disease.

PS: The tragic tale of little Awool and her devastated owner touched the hearts of Bedlington lovers everywhere - from the UK to Mexico, from the USA to Australia.  No-one could save this little girl, but donations have been sent from all over the world to help towards the costs of her veterinary care.  Bedlington people care!  Let's get rid of this terrible illness forever!!!  Angela Yearley

Results From Yesterday SKC


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Thank you to Gavin Carter for the photos

Congratulations to al the winners.

24 August 2013

Summary Of Entries Richmond Champ Show


14 Bedlingtons giving 12 entries

Can anyone help, please?


Bedlington x Whippet photo by Alan Hayball

My friend's Mum is looking for another lurcher (Bedlington-cross type), as a companion for the dog she already has.  She would prefer an older dog (3 - 4 years, possibly?) not a boisterous puppy, doesn't matter whether it's dog or bitch.  Not too much travelling distance from East Anglia would be perfect, but whatever and wherever could be considered.

It would be a perfect home, with experience of lurcher-types, for a dog in need of love If anyone can help, please get in touch with Viv (viv.rainsbury@virginmedia.com) or 01493 440972  Thanks, folks Viv

23 August 2013

An Up And Down Week News From Jasper



It’s been a bit of a funny up and down week. I was very wobbly on last Monday, and really didn’t feel too good. Sarah and Tony were very worried that I’d had another stroke, so I had a visit to the Vet. She’s a very nice lady, but I still don’t like going to see her. It was a bit embarrassing, I was jumping around so much when I got there, the lady vet thought I couldn’t be very poorly, and definitely hadn’t had another stroke. I had steroid and antibiotic injections and I’ve slowly got  better. I’m still playing with my toys and enjoying walks, although I run out of energy.

Sunday was such a beautiful evening that we couldn’t resist a nice walk on one of the disused railway paths. Nice and flat for me, and lots of stops to rest because there were tons of beautiful wild raspberries, which Sarah and Tony  couldn’t resist eating. It was a bit further than I thought and I got a bit tired. Some of you might remember my new transport for long walks which I was trying out at the funday. Well it was perfect, to rest and recover and then walk a bit further. Best wishes Jasper

Thank you Jasper I am so pleased you are feeling well again and enjoying life. There is nothing more relaxing than going for a carry me walkies with Tony, you must have a great view of all those pesky rabbits form your knapsack.

Charity Hammers Kennel Club Over Suffering Dogs


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RSPCA not looking at the bigger picture, says KC;

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22 August 2013

Clipping a Bedlington


I  Just thought I,d let you know Trevor gets a bi monthly magazine " Total Grooming" and in the latest edition, Aug/Sept, there is a step by step feature on clipping a bedlington. It is quite detailed and all accompanied by photos, even giving clipper grades used. The website is www.totalgroomingmagazine.co.uk I thought it may be helpful to anyone thinking of having a go for themselves. Jane 
Thank you Jane I am sure this article will be very helpful to those owners who would like to learn to clip. Outside grooming can be very expensive. Professional clippers and scissors are not cheap but saying this you would save hundreds of pounds in the long run by clipping your own dog!

Can you give a forever home to Oscar?


Pet Blood Bank requires dog donors in Oxfordshire


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News: Scots pet owners take in dogs stolen for illegal meat trade


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Don’t Forget To Enter The Calendar Competition!

calendar2010a[5]_thumb[2] Competition Closes End Of The Month

Now is the time to send your photos to Viv for entry into the competition for the 2014 Calendar.  Entries close in August. We would like to thank Viv for once again running the competition, organising the printing and sales, all the profits go to rescue.  Entry fee £1 per photo. Please send your entries or email your photos to Mrs Viv Rainsbury
174 Bells Rd
Gorleston On Sea
Norflok NR13 6BA

21 August 2013

News: Procter & Gamble Issued Dry Pet Food Recall In The USA


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We catch up with Archie and Dylan


The The boys chilln’ out


Meadows have been full of wild flowers this year one of the best years I’ve seen in a long time.So I got some good pictures of Archie and Dylan.

Thank you Deborah we certainly have had a glorious summer and looking forward to what is supposed to be a sunny and warm bank holiday weekend!

Happy Birthday To Bu and Holly


Happy birthday today to  Bu  ( Jetsway Magherita ) and Judy's Hollys (Jetsway Absolute Bling ) who are celebrating their 5th birthday. This is the the sisters at the fun day this year. Happy birthday Mummy and Auntie Bu x
Love from Bella

Thank you Kirsty and Bella, do hope the girls have a lovely day  and delicious special pork pie tea!

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