30 September 2013

Balmy Seaham

Hello Bloggers,
As Saturday was a nice balmy day here in the North East we decided to have a trip to barmy Seaham Harbour beach.  Apart from the obvious reason to go to the beach, sand, and loads of space for the dogs to run around if the tide is out.  Seaham beach is also a spot for collecting sea glass which a lot of folk make into jewellery.  When the glass works closed at Seaham they dumped the glass left into the sea and over the years it has been washed and ground down into all sizes. We collect glass but just put it in a large glass vase.  It's even mentioned on web sites which are looked at from all parts of the world, bit like Bedlington Pictures.


We also met PIp for the first time, he's 6 months old, lives in Easington Lane which is not to far from the Makems abode so will probably see  him grow up.!cid_40AE7EFE-8A4E-436F-9607-FA39F6C172A9

There's a nice cafe down in Seaham marina, all new and if it's fine a veranda to sit on and watch the sea. Unfortunately not a lot ships use Seaham now as the coal trade has all gone.  Marinas might look fine and clean but where there was dirty coal there was a busy port. The Makems 

Thank you Derek what place to have a nice cup of tea and watch the world go by. Horrid to think winter is round the corner, we have had such a glorious summer and now autumn!  Lovely to meet Pip do hope we seem more of him on the blog.

Full Results From the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Show


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29 September 2013

Today At The Shows



Best Of Breed Yvonne with Miteymidgets Look Of Love


Parker and I win the veteran terrier group


Best Bedlington Puppy Bridie Blue Moon

Terrier Club Of South Wales

Also congratulations to Jen Lacey who won BOB today at Terrier Club Of South Wales.


Two matching ribbons for Ecco this weekend. Best veteran at the MBTC on Saturday and best veteran at terrier Club of South Wales on Sunday- both purple!

Congratulations to all the winners at this weekend’s shows!

28 September 2013

Today At The MBTC

Judge Mrs Sharon Ames


Well done Sally with  Enzo - Best in Show @ Midland Bedlington Terrier Club show today! Congrats Yvonne, Enid and Jane on Their res BIS, best Veteran, and Best Puppy!
Thanks to Gavin for the photo

Guess Where Boy Has Been?

Ireland Sept 2013 033

Ireland Sept 2013 207

Wonder if the clever bloggers can guess where Boy and I went for our holidays?

I'll give you some clues!
We had to get a ferry! They use euros but despite decades of jokes about the inhabitants' intelligence they have the sense to drive on the correct side of the road. Boy needed a pet passport but (luckily*) didn't need to go to the vet for tapeworm treatment before we returned. I am sure by now many of you will have guessed the country, but for those very clever bloggers who might want to guess a more accurate location – the town nearest to the lovely seaside house we rented is famous for its a
ncient fair each August that involves the animal pictured behind Boy in the first picture! I say luckily because we had to cut short out hols after 8 days, I had been fit enough to trip over and bang my knee and as I was wearing binoculars on  my chest! The knee got better but the pain in the chest got worse so we called it a day after our first full week I have to say this was one of the best hols, despite my accident, that we  ever had! If anyone wants details of the house I rented let me know, it was right opposite an amazing pebble beach with stunning views and very well situated for touring this gorgeous, fascinating friendly (and dog friendly) part of the world. We must have visited about 25 beaches in 7 days, all dog friendly!

Thank you Andrea a holiday to remember in more ways than one!  I think you and Boy will be back there before to long, sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Can You Give Buddy A New Home?

Hi, Can anyone help us, we bought a 9 month bedlington pup a week ago as company for our 9 year old bedlington, unfortunately the two don't really get on and the pup is making Alfie's life a misery. He is called buddy and is the most loveable dog but through no fault of his own needs to go to an owner who can devote a lot more time with him than we can. He is house trained and good on the lead for a young dog. We live just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne. If anyone knows of someone who may be interested in reforming him can you let me know.



26 September 2013

A Very Happy Birthday Today To…….


Tina, lots of love from everyone on the blog!

Rescue Calendars

The photographs have been chosen for the 2014 Bedlington Rescue calendar - a big thank you to Carol Newton for once again sifting through some beautiful pictures to find the ones for the calendar. 

The calendars will be available soon, and we can keep theprice as last year - £10 each, plus £2 p&p (price will be different for posting multiples so people will need to get in touch).

Calendars can be ordered from me now, either by phone (01493 440972) e-mail: viv.rainsbury@virginmedia.com or post to 174 Bells Road, Gorleston on Sea, Norfolk NR31 6BA, and I'll arrange to post them or deliver to shows.

We raised over £600 last year - it would be nice to beat that target this time.

Thank you for all your support on the blog, and thank you to everyone else who supports the Rescue by submitting photos and buying the calendars

Love Viv


From The Telegraph 001ppppp

I bet Ian didn't know the papers were there! Stuart

25 September 2013


knittedflora 002knittedflora 001


A friend of mine gave me this article from the Sunday Telegraph last Sunday. Don't know if you've seen it. I took the photos today outside a Florist in Abergavenny. The flowers are all knitted and I thought of Sarah! Enid

Thank you Enid there are some amazing talented people with loads of patience. I have trouble knitting a scarf and laboured over trying to knit winter coats for the dogs!
I did not see this article, so upsetting to read of another dog attack on a bedlington!

Who Has the K9 Marshal Crew Ben With?


Hello All Sapphire and Jazz here,
Just for a bit of fun do you know the young lady on the left of the picture holding the dog? she is a bit famous so we are told, Jazz and myself have been rubbing shoulders with her  yesterday at the fun dog show. Please leave you answers in the comment box and we will give you all a cuddle when we see you if you get the right answer.  Catch you all when we do our report and we will be keeping an eye for the correct answers too.  Love From Sapphire and Jazz (AKA The K9 Marshal Crew)

24 September 2013

Back From Hols!


Trevor and I returned early Sunday morning from 10 glorious days on the Turkish coast. It was Darcys first stop in kennels, so we did worry about her a little, (Trevor usually calls before we even take to the sky to check they are ok!). Needless to say she was fine, as were the rest of the gang. It is funny how their reactions towards us differ on arriving back home, Darcy and Erin were elated, Maya was very nonchalant as if it were a regular occurrence. Arthur on the other hand went into a sulk until the following day, after a long walk with his baby sister his spell " inside" was all forgotten and we were forgiven!  Seeing as fishing trips seem a bit of a tradition with bedlington folk I thought I'd send a photo of Trevor catch, 3 mackerel and a small tuna. We were accompanied on the boat by our friend from the Rose restaurant so his excellent chef cooked them that evening for us. Quite delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So now it's all back to normal but looking forward to the Midland on Saturday and catching up with everyone. Jane xxx 

Thank you Jane, sounds like you had a wonderful time and a well earned rest. You are lucky to come home to this lovely warm weather just gorgeous here today to Oxfordshire. Pleased the dogs were not to upset about being left and Arthur has forgiven you. Enjoy the Midland Show on Saturday. 

Billy and Jess take home the prizes!


Here is photo of Billy and Jess with there cups and rosettes after winning the terrier racing at the Warwickshire Countryside Day on Sunday, 22nd September, Billy coming first and Jess coming second.  Billy also came first in the working bedlington terrier class, a class of 4 bedlingtons, but he did not come anywhere in the championship.Great day out, hope they have a class next year. Regards Mark & Michelle Hadland (Moonlight Bedlingtons)

Fantastic well done! A really great day for your beddies. I did not know about this show, do let us know if you find a working show with classes in the area.

23 September 2013

Carp For Tea!!


Elwyn’s Ozzi and Minty have definitely got their eye on a fish supper! Thanks to Stuart for the photo.

Yesterday at Northern Counties Sporting Terrier

Judge Mr Roy North

BOB Sevray Whisper At Jukenblu
BOS  Aireview Blue Flame For Maevani
BP  Firey Sharrona Violet

1st  Aireview Blue Flame For Maevani
2nd  Aireview Dancing Queen At Conekesheved
3rd  Firey Sharrona Violet

Post Graduate
1st  Aireview Dancing Queen At Conekesheved
2nd  Nebercrackers Rosie Blue
3rd  Rubster Piper At Jukenblu

1st  Sevray Whisper At Jukenblu
2nd  Aireview Cristal Blue SH CM
3rd Nebercrackers Rosie Blue

Good day for Julie who also took the Brace Class with Piper & Whisper.Real good day today, nice and relaxed and in great company. Paul.

Well done to Julie  and everyone!

Pumi Pile


Now 4 weeks old the puppy with the green collar will be coming to live with us.There are 9 in the litter 4 girls and 5 boys.

22 September 2013

Mae Leaves For New Home

photo 2

photo 1

Couple of photos of little Mae who left me for her new home in Russia.  She had been very good on the train to London, and then a flight to Paris, the to Brussels and bus to Russia.  She looks so happy to get a cuddle.  Lots and lots of tears today. Jayne

It is so hard to say goodbye to the last baby but I expect you will get lots of updates from her new family. How exciting to have one of your babies in Russia!!

Nearly Won The Class!!!!


Had a good weekend Parker had 3 clear rounds and I nearly won the agility this morning. He was going so well but on a a tight turn at the second to last fence  I tripped over my shoe lace and went flying!! Picked myself up and finished the course with a clear round. By the time we had finished we were still clear but gained 4 time faults. There was only 1 other clear round and Parker came in  2nd but may have won!
Our next outing is October the 12 at the Barn Dog Training Centre Middleton Cheyne. Yes you’ve guessed it I am off there first thing for 8 pm to run Parker in the agility and then hot footing it down to the village hall to show him in veteran at the BTA Championship Show. Dorothy hope you will excuse his dirty legs!!!

High Spen Show



Asbo Flo Reserve champion ferret  today at High Spen show Qualified for countryman’s weekly champion of champions. Issac 1st in pedigree class And 2nd in the terrier racing which was win by a whippet!! Don’t know why that was in the race.but good fun he was only 6 foot behind it.
Well done Billy a good day for the Absbo Gypcians. Fancy running a whippet with terriers the Jacks would not stand a chance, Issacc did very well to keep up!

21 September 2013

Drffield 2013

Judges Critiques on www.dog.biz
Driffield Agricultural Society 2013BedlingtonTerrier
Judge: Mr David Taylor
BEST OF BREED : 3716 RICHARDSON Mr C & Mrs C A Highdene High Society
Dog CC : 3693 CUMMING Mr & Mrs P Ch Rocabec Definitely Maybe
Res Dog CC : 3699 GARBUTT Mr R & Mrs P Highdene Hitman At Aireview
Bitch CC : 3716 RICHARDSON Mr C & Mrs C A Highdene High Society
Res Bitch CC : 3715 RICHARDSON Mr C & Mrs C A Highdene Hetti
Best Puppy : 3716 RICHARDSON Mr C & Mrs C A Highdene High Society
Best Veteran :Best Breeder : Bannister

Full results HERE

Hi Leslie,  BP at Driffield was Flint, not as Higham press have printed,  Judy.

Update Dylan

Just an update on little Dylan, the vet said he's making good progress, the holes are still weeping but not as bad and he doesn't need an operation which is a relief. He seems more himself today down to the medication the vet gave him with a lot of TLC and loads of cuddles, I also read him all the nice comments from his friends so hopefully he's up and about soon. I just hope it hasn't scared him.Debbie.

20 September 2013

We catch up with the Bedlington Fishing Team!!!!


The girls are leading the boys by miles when Angela Yearley hooked this whopper yesterday! Keep it up girls!

19 September 2013



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For Martin and Julie

If you'd like to talk to us about Ralphie please get in touch. We're not sure if the email address we have for you is correct. Don't worry if you've changed your mind, just let us know.
Thank you.
Ed and Rebecca x

Bailey Lost (Reported As Stolen) In Misterton Nottinghamshire


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FOUND !!!!

Poor Dylan Is Attacked By A Staffie


Poor Dylan when we were out walking in our local field last night he was set upon by a Staffi,it grabbed him on the neck and wouldn't let go.This went on for about 5 minutes before we finally got it to let go,Ii have nothing against the breed in fact I know friends that have Staffies that play with my dogs,but this one was a big powerful dog that only had one thing on its mind and that was to rip my dog to pieces, it dragged and shook him like a rag doll it was so upsetting to see this.my dogs are so gentle they wouldn't hurt anyone or anything. We rushed him straight to the vets who done a good job cleaning him up, he has puncture wounds on his neck and a lot of bruising he may even need an operation we will see tomorrow wen he goes back to the vets.I couldn't send the pictures of him when it first happened as they are far too distressing Paul

So sorry to read about Dylan, I hope you have reported this incident to the police and  the Staffie owner accepts responsibility for his dogs aggression. I can’t image what you were going through trying to get this dog to let go of poor Dylan. Please update us on how he is doing.

18 September 2013

Sprocket In Rescue

 Dogs Trust Leeds


Click HERE for details

No Stopping The K9 Crew.


Sapphire and Jazz here, we hope everyone is ok and keeping warm in this cool weather, well were do Jazz and I start? Since our last report we have been so busy with our Uncle Ian. A couple of weekends ago after we went banger racing  we went to Shawbury to do the last dog display of the year, everything was going well until we went to set up the equipment in the ring, and it chucked it down with rain,  all of us were wet through by the time we finished the display. Once we were on the road for home Uncle Ian put the  heating on for Jazz and myself to dry off and get warm. During the week Jazz and I heard that there were some famous people and props coming to Ellesmere to the festival, we were trying to guess who, or what they might be. On the weekend we found out it was the actual props from BBC's Gerry Andersons programme  Stingray, Thunderbirds. Captain Scarlet and Dr Who ( there was 2 Daleks and Stavros the leader of the Darleks). Then on the Sunday Uncle Ian took Jazz and myself to Whittington Castle to meet up with our friend from, Radio Shropshire (Johnty O'Donnty) who made a big fuss of us,  we remember being live on air while we helped him with a treasure hunt clue.

Then today (Wednesday) Uncle Ian raced home from work at dinner time and picked Jazz and myself up and we went to a place up the road called Bangor-On Dee near Wrexham (where the horse racing takes place). Once there we asked Uncle Ian why we were there,  we bumped into an old friend of Ian who he used to work with. While we were having a fuss he, told us that it was the Tour of Britain Bike race with a certain Sir Wiggins racing at the front of the field, and boy they weren't hanging around, they was going like the clappers. Once the roads were open again Uncle Ian took us for a nice walk down by the River Dee and jazz and  had a very nice adventures  even had a paddle in a nice shallow part of the river.


So you see we are still busy for the time been and we are off this Sunday to give a helping paw or two at a little dog show the other side of Shrewsbury and show them how lovely Bedlingtons are!! So for now we will say woof, woof, woof and catch up with you all real soon.  From Jazz and Sapphire Pups (Aka The K9 Marshal Crew)

Wow you two!!  Ian certainly takes you to some fantastic places, I think you will miss  not having fuss and attention from your fans. Saying this there always seems plenty going on in Shrewsbury area all the year round. Looking forward to your next report, enjoy your day at the dog show. 

News: Stray dog concerns persist despite drop in total


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17 September 2013

New Ring Craft Classes

I just wondered if the item may be of interest for Bedlington pictures.Hemsworth and Distrct Canine Association are to hold Ring Craft on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month at 7.30pm till 9.30.pm. All Pedigree Dogs Welcome.
Membership is £2 each or £3 for joint. per year.  Dogs attending are £1.25 each or 2 dogs for £2 per session. The next Ringcraft will be held on 24th September . Venue is Hemsworth Miners Social Club.
Wentworth Terrace. Fitzwilliam. West Yorkshire.WF9 5AA. Christine

Girls Are Best!!!!


Here  we have the bedlington fishing team . And what can I say other than well done to Angela and Tina who have caught the largest fish so far!

16 September 2013

Glorious Beamish 2013

We had a good time meeting people and promoting our breed at the Beamish Show of Agriculture. We were there Thursday and Saturday, and missed the rainy days. We were very pleased to meet young ‘Piper’ and her family, who had come along after seeing our article on the blog. Best wishes Sarah and Tony with Ed, Ossie, Rosie and Jasper






Lovely  to see you again looking very authentic at glorious Beamiish and well done to Piper and her family for supporting the Beamish bedlingtons, great photos!



Happy Birthday Ecco From Seamus

Please can we come in

Please can we come in, we're only slightly wet from our paddle in the sea, and only a bit sandy from the beach.

Seamus says happy birthday to his dad, Ecco.  Sally & Sean

15 September 2013

Yesterday At Castleton Working Terrier and Lurcher Show


Issacc……  2nd bedington dog,1st pure bred lurcher, 1st rabbiting dog
Miss Pie……1st bedlington bitch
No luck in the championship
Miss Colin……3rd veteran
Issacc and Pie….3rd pairs

Well done Billy another great weekend for the Gypsian Team!

Can You Give A Forever Home To Ralphie

Sorry we haven't been in touch for a while. As you know last February we had a little boy called Theodore. Unfortunately Ralphie has not coped with our change of circumstance and we sadly need to find him a new home without children. He has already tried one new home through bedlington rehoming but couldn't cope with their 5yr old granddaughter. Please could you post the photos below and this letter on the blog as we really need to find him a new home. If anyone can help would you be happy for them to email you, and then you forward on their email to us?



Thank you, Rebecca, Edward and Theodore x

Thank you Ed and Becs, Ralphie is a lovely boy and is dog we have seen on the blog since he was a puppy. Many people will know Ralphie as he was a regular visitor to our bedlington fun days. Do hope there is a special family without  children who  can give this lovey dog a forever new home.