30 November 2013

Pumi Update

1470467_10151715983767665_1123104432_nSteiff looking very grown up after her hair cut. The Pumi is non shedding and much easier to trim than the bedlington no clipping evolved!

I have had a few emails asking about my Pumi “Steiff” She is now 13 weeks and really growing up fast. She is a super pup very  naughty but lots of fun!. Being a herding breed I am already enjoying training her to basic obedience and fun tricks
Over the past few weeks lots has been happening for UK Pumi owners. A letter has now gone to the Kennel Club asking for registration of a new breed.. Also, there is new  UK Pumi facebook group.
  A  meeting has been organised in February  near the NEC  to discuss   forming a registered K C  Pumi Club, It is all happening!

The Pumi is a fun breed to have especially if you enjoy dog sports, they are easy to train and  proven to be very successful in agility and Heelwork To Music. Contact me if you would like more information on the breed or available litters.


Bedlington Terrier life-sized bust, bronze - no longer available

This popular sculpture is mounted on a 6-1/2"x10" base and measures about 17" tall overall. Parts of the sculpted bronze base, including the entire back side, are polished to a mirror-like finish.Designed by Denis Springer and produced in collaboration with artist Kevin Pettelle of Sultan, Washington

Thank you to Demelza for the link to this wonderful life sized bronze bust.  I wish it was Mine!

Fancy A Bedspring???


Hello Bloggers

Spotted in the Premier Newcastle News Paper, a new breed of dog, very rare.  Trust them Geordie's to muck two good breeds up.The Makems
Very rare indeed Derek, had to laugh at this one!

Midland Counties Championship Show Terrier Group



29 November 2013

Do You Want To Learn To Clip Your Bedlington


Watch how to pet trim your bedlington with Sylvia Morrice

Click HERE

Thanks to Demelza for finding  this informative link

Bedlington Terriers Orkney


The seven pups have started another milestone and begun weening onto more solid food.  It consisted of a mix of eating and walking in it – but they seemed to enjoy it!

Also, three pups have met their future owners which was great to witness.  Millie has been superb throughout and is turning out to be a super-mum, so that leaves 3 girls and a boy available at present.



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28 November 2013

Weekly News


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A Special Day For Sapphire


Just a quick Message from The K9 Marshal Crew
Monday 25th November our little Sapphire celebrated her 5th anniversary being with Jazz, and the rest of the household. Most of you know our little girl dog was rescued from an uncertain end, a nice lady up near Newark saved her and phoned our very own Tony Waller with the news of a little girl in rescue. Tony phoned us and we went to see Sapphire with Jazz and we all fell head over heels in love with her and brought her home. She has been loved and spoilt  now  lives the life of Reilly. Every day she wakes up to kisses and cuddles (Bless her Little socks)   From Ian

27 November 2013

Brave, Brilliant, Fast and Stubborn


A ridiculously brave and brilliant beast. It looks like a baby lamb, yet is fast enough to outpace a horse. They're friendly chaps but somehow also so ridiculously stubborn "they would rather die than succumb in any situation". Traditionally it is a favourite choice of Geordies.
Thanks to Demelza for finding this profile.

Our Thoughts Are With Gabby and Michael


It is with sad news I have to report that Jamal  their Saluki.died yesterday. He  was not ill but collapsed and died very suddenly while enjoying life playing in the garden.  Many bloggers will remember meeting Jamal at the Midland Bedlington Fun Day this year. Our thoughts are with Gabby and Michael at the very sudden loss of their beautiful Saluki!

Free To A Very Good Home



This advert is on “Preloved” click here to find contact details.The bedlington is in the Hull district.

26 November 2013

Missing Dogs In Scotland


We need your help to find Beth. She is a 2 year old Bedlington Terrier who went missing from outside Subway at Ayr Central shopping centre, Skye Square, Ayr at... 4pm yesterday (Saturday) Beth is microchipped and was wearing a red collar with a red lead and a red winter jacket. A teenage boy said he seen her run away rather than being stolen but right now anything is possible, as the owner did not see what happened. Please share her appeal. If you seen anything today or if you know where she is, please contact Missing Dogs in Scotland on 07731 562 513. Thank you *Please do not use this post to debate about dogs being left outside of shops. Please also do not use this post to pass judgement. If your comments are not aimed at helping and supporting they will be removed

I Judge Dogs Website


Anyone who is trying to gain judging experience either in their own breed or diversifying into others will know the frustrations of trying to obtain judging appointments. Week after week you scan the dog press and see the same names appearing, usually judging your breed and the varieties. This web site can assist you in promoting your judging CV so that secretaries can quickly see your experience and decide that you are the right person to be put forward at the next committee meeting.

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Milly and Micah


Milly and Micah posing for the camera after a walk round Gartmorn Dam in Clackmannanshire, Scotland. Kevin

Thank you Kevin I just love the look on these little faces. I recon you must have a treat waiting for them!  Welcome to  bedlingtonpictures!

25 November 2013

Viv Rainsbury’s Beautiful Cards


Christmas Puppy

I have a couple of new Bedlington greetings cards available. I only have a very limited number of each but will take them to LKA. One (Christmas Puppy) is 6" square and the other (Waiting) is 8" x 6".I also have some of last year's designs also available - people can see them on my website www.blueartsfly.com  Thanks Viv

Manchester & District Sporting Terrier Club

Yesterday at Manchester Sporting Terrier, the good news BOB to
Nebercrackers Rosie Blue but nothing in BIS.  The bad news she was the
only Bedlington entered, really sad when classes are offered and there
is little or no response
Regards Carol & Paul.

Well done, a very long day and such a shame on the bedlington entry.  I think this show hs been well supported in the past.

Jazz and Sapphire model for T-Jays Shrewsbury


Jazz and Sapphire modelling our bandanas at Whittington Xmas fair. Many thanks to Ian for the loan of his lovely Bedlingtons.

24 November 2013

23 November 2013

Young Bedlington Looking For A Forever Home

Wirral Area

4 year old, blue, castrated dog in the Wirral area needs a new home. He is currently in his third home and he has been here for 2 years having previously been rehomed from a lady in Liverpool.

He will need a new home with someone who can understand and work with his over confident behaviour using positive reward based methods. His current owners have been working with a behaviourist to help with this and things are slowly coming together.  However, he would ideally be happier in a family with no children and no other animals. He does bark at other dogs when he is on a lead but will come on command.

For further details, please contact Frances Fuller on 01559 384499

On The Hunt In A Cambridge Corn Field


Another lovely photo from Derek Lewes!

Anyone Tried This New Sport With A Bedlington (Dock Jumping)

22 November 2013

Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme


Just to let  those of you know on the scheme that a Regional Breed Assessor  will be visiting you sometime in the near future. The local assessor came on a 2 hour visit to us today. She was very thorough checking documentation and taking photos of the premises. Apparently the assessors will be visit everyone on the scheme every three years.
At last the Kennel Club are taking responsible breeding seriously and now inspecting ABS breeders.
In my opinion the KC should only register puppies from the ABS scheme !!!

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Summery Of Entries



56 dogs making 65 entries at LKA.  1st in ring 2 at 10am

Posing In The Woods At Durham


Another great photo from Derek Lewes

Do kennel cough vaccines really work? by Eileen Geeson


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Weekly News



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21 November 2013

News:Rancid fat on beach led to dog's death


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Marion Comes To The Cotswolds


Lovely to meet Marion Storey and her aunt with Belle and Phoebe who were spending a couple of days in the Cotswolds,They had a lovely day on Tuesday in glorious sunshine visiting Moreton in Marsh and Stow on the Wold.

John Lewes Chrsitmas Advert

Nothing Bedlington In this clip but thought I w Fromould share as really cute!

And Another From Disney

19 November 2013

Happy Birthday To Jazz and Sapphire



Hello (and woof, Woof) to all our Blog Friends
Sapphire and Jazz Here. Well what a busy week and weekend. We started off the week going for nice walks with Uncle Ian, where we met up with lots of our doggie friends and had fun racing about playing with them. This past week has been great, its as if all of our friends have picked the same time as us to go out for a walk!  Friday we went to see our friend Mr. Biggles at his home where  we had a cup of tea and biscuits we also helped him  feed and water all of his birds. After we were  finished we all went for a 4 mile walk over the fields to Lower Frankton Locks then back to his house in Tetchill along the tow path and canal.


On Saturday Uncle Ian got us up early and took us for a walk around the local park before we came back home to pick Granny up. Jazz and I thought it was a bit funny that Uncle Ian didn't let us out of the car. Wow  what a surprise before we dropped Granny off in Oswestry  and before she got out of the car, Granny and Uncle Ian sung "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to us!!!!  We thought that they had forgotten, then Uncle Ian took us to Chirk Castle  Jazz and I were so excited as there was loads of people there fussing us. Then we heard the roar of a Rally Car coming towards us and Uncle Ian said that this was our Birthday treat.  He  has  brought us to see the RALLY GB.  Some of our rally friends stopped on the road  where we were standing watching to change their tyres and found time to give us a fuss. In the gap between the big boys ( front runners ) and the nationals a big 4X4 came down the road and stopped by us. it was an F.I.A car (F.I.A being the governing body for all the world rally championship event).  All three people from the car  Jumped out and came over to us and gave us a big fuss.  We met some of our friends that we got to know from the events that Jazz and I have marshalled on with Uncle Ian. When we picked Granny we headed off home. Later Granny, Granddad and Uncle Ian went out for their meal with the dog display team. We had a party  when they got back home, Jazz and I were still partying when they got up this morning with sleepy eyes!!  Our party went on till the small hours of the morning.


Today we went to an antiques fair at Park Hall near Oswestry. We have a surprise,  all we are  saying  is "WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!" If everything goes to plan we will let you know ha ha! So for now its woof, woof, woof from Sapphire and Jazz (The Birthday Pups) Reporting for what we class as THE NUMBER 1 BLOG SITE :)

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire Diesel and Parker wish you a very happy birthday.   Sounds like you had a wonderful day with Uncle Ian and fun party evening.  You are  so well known on the rally circuit I think you should be the mascots for the UK Rally Team!!

18 November 2013

Emigrating To Llanwrtyd Wells

We wish John and Louise Beasley good luck in their move today to Wales. A new beginning and a new life ahead running a B&B. I can’t think of a more beautiful place to live than in mid Wales. There has to be a little alteration work on the house before they open for guests, but hopefully many of us will be visiting them very soon.

BPIB IN Russia

Hi Lesley.  Just heard from Russia and Mae had her first show today and She got best puppy in breed. Today she is 24 weeks old.  I am very proud of her achievement.
photo 1

Fantastic news congratulations to Mae, just look at all those trophies!

17 November 2013

More Photos From Belgium









Many thanks to Demelza for the photos!

Today At Kortrijk International Show Belgium

Judge Mr Max King 1441390_10151963774468805_2110309283_n

BOB Jacqui Hurley 1470238_10151963776713805_1318689128_n

Best Opposite Sex Sharon and Falcon

Berry won Best Baby Falcon won CAC and CACIB. Muffin won her open class and was got RCAC and RCACIB Jacqui got CAC and CACIB pitches with Calibre Pharos . She was BOB and Falcon RBOB

Congratulations to Jacqui and Sharon

Many thanks to Demelza for photos


Durhham Luminere

Hello Bloggers,
We luckily ordered tickets to go to the Luminere being staged at Durham and even then it was very crowded.  When we came out of the main area at 8.30 folk were still queuing to get in. also luckily the North East weather was good.!cid_EE322B55-8B56-45CC-9DC6-3CECDCCDD262

This display was on the old Miners Hall in Durham and starts off with just one figure climbing the building ending up with all showing and dancing to the music.  The dark pile at the foot of the figures is coal and no way could it have came from the Durham Coal Fields, probably imported from abroad, or Yorkshire. Any pits left down there lads,


Well I think we all know where this is, very clever.  Starts off when the area was just wild and travels through the life of the Cathedral to modern times. Excuse the shaky image but the scenes changed a bit too fast for the camera, or perhaps it's the shaky hand of the photographer.


The river at Durham taken from the old Millburn Gate Bridge.Well worth a visit when it comes back to Durham, normally every two years.The Makems

Thank you Derek, I think this display of story telling in lights is fantastic. It is lovely to see something different than the usual festive lights. I love the stick figures in the miners display. Was this display accompanied to music? 

16 November 2013

Beautiful Middleton In Teesdale


A day in Middleton-In-Teesdale with Archie and Dylan. We stated our walk at Low Force walked a couple of miles up alongside the river until we came to the mighty High Force waterfalls. We sat there for a while just watching the falls,then walked a couple more miles up the river path before turning off to walk up onto the moors which was a bit boggy, but we still enjoys a good walk out of 8 miles.. Paul and Deborah


Thank you Deborah and Paul these are just wonderful photos, you must keep them safe to enter in the calendar competition next year.

15 November 2013

Children In Need Beddies

photo 1aaaaa

Haven't updated you in ages so here's some photos of Barney and Ella getting into the Children in need mood. Barney was not fused with me dressing him up but Ella hated it.

Thank you Kathryn now Barney and  Ella  are in the mood hope they are watching tonight!