12 January 2014

Bieke's Birthday



It is Bieke's third birthday today and she would like to wish a happy birthday to her brother, Jacob and sister, Belle.  We had a lovely long walk all the way down the beach today to look at the damage done by the storm surge last weekend.  Our normal daily walk has altered with some of the path having been washed away but it has left lots of nice smells apparently!
We know now that the food control sessions at obedience class work...
Best wishes

Ruth and Howard

Happy Birthday to Bieke and her brothers and sisters. How patiently they waiting for their pork pie treat.
We have watched  Bike grow up from a tiny puppy, a big thank you to  Ruth and  Howard for all the photos  

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k9 said...

Happy Birthday Bieke and a big woof,woof, woof from Sapphire and Jazz the two rallying Bedlingtons

Billy Fisher said...

Happy birthday little Gipcyan

Kirsty and Paws said...

Happy birthday to you all, that looks yummy!! Love Bella and the gang xxx