03 January 2014

Happy New Year One And All


Hello Everyone

Sapphire and Jazz here, may we just say Happy New Year to one and all. Well what a great week we have had with a nice walk up the Wrekin with our Uncle Ian. Before Christmas we  saw Doggie Paws out the back garden, uncle Ian said to him that Jazz and I had been very good dogs and Granny send him a letter. On Xmas Eve Jazz and I could not sleep as  we were to excited!!  At 12:00am we were fast asleep  Poor Uncle Ian was working Xmas Eve, Xmas Morning and even Boxing Morning. On Christmas morning when Uncle Ian  got home Jazz and I, greeted him at the door and  ran to the Xmas Tree to show, him that Jazz and I had 5 presents each under the tree (yippee)!!   The family took it in turns to open their presents  but jazz and I opened ours together and wow, we had a squeaky tyre each, a crocodile, a soft Frisbee, a Tuggums and a bag of nice doggie biscuits each. Jazz and I spent hours playing with our toys and drove everyone mad with all the squeaking we were doing.

We all had a very nice Xmas dinner that Ganny had cooked and we helped Uncle Ian to wash up, then Uncle Ian took us for our Xmas day walk down the Canal and Colemere. !t was great we meet up with some of our doggie friends and we played with them. On Boxing Day  after work Uncle Ian took us to Haughmond Hill on the outskirts of Shrewsbury where we met a load more friends and played all the way up and down the hill, from  the top we could see that the River Severn was starting to break its banks and over flow into the fields! 


On New Year’s Day Uncle Ian took us for a nice walk from the bottom of the Frankton Locks to Queens Head a distance of 4 miles and boy was it wet all three of us were glad to get home and dry off, have a nice warm cup of tea, and  put our paws up and watch some telly while we were being cuddled. But we will leave you all to have a nice time with your paws up and wish you all all The Best For 2014 and lots of licks and cuddles From Sapphire and Jazz xxxx


Thank you Jazz and Sapphire,I think ypu both had a wonderful Christmas, you are both very lucky bedlingtons! A Happy New Year to you Ian, Carmel and Brian



All The Best Ian and the Dorwest Team.

The Makems

Paul / Debbie said...

Great photos Ian,All the best from Paul and Debbie Archie and Dylan.