13 January 2014

K9 Marshal Crew are Non-Stop



Hello Everyone

Sapphire and Jazz here again, well we have been non-stop Bedlies  over the last two weeks. Our Uncle Ian has been taking us on very nice walks, it has been wet we have been trying our 4 paw drive out up and down the hills and even down the canals.  Friday we had a 10 mile walk down the canal to Colemere around Colemere. (Jazz and I must admit this is one of our favourite walks). When we got home we had a nice cup of tea and a very nice supper with chicken, later we had a text from  our friend Biggles to say could we look after his birds and keep an eye on his house for him while he is in Hospital?

on Saturday we were up at 6 am and Uncle Ian took us for a walk around the local park and we must admit it was kind of spooky in the dark, Jazz and I were playing hide and seek with Uncle Ian and kept jumping out on him.  He got wise  and hid from us  when he jumped out  we were laughing our little heads of!  We had lots of fun then when got  home we went back to bed with our Granny while he went off to the N.E.C. in Birmingham to meet up with wor Billy. (we wanted to go with them) to look around the Auto sport Car Show.  While they were there, we went for another nice walk with our Granny down the canal (but don't tell Uncle Ian ha ha )! By the time he got home we heard what he had seen but unfortunately he didn't bring us a MG Metro 6R4 back  He said that we didn't have enough paw money saved up to buy one yet.


On Sunday we decided to have a lie in till 9am,then once up Granny and Uncle Ian took us to the Grindley Brook Locks near Whitchurch and wow they had been emptied to replace the Lock Gates. The Rivers and Canal Trust staff were doing an Open Day, where they did an actual tour in the locks themselves which we found really interesting, the stones at the bottom of the lock were still the original ones they laid. The Canal and locks were built some 100 years or so ago, they explained how the locks work and how the lock gates were hinged and worked Jazz and I were amazed at just how deep they were.  No  wander Uncle Ian keeps us away from the edges of the locks when we walk past.  After the tour we had a nice cup  tea there (and a piece of cake) then we helped Granny and Uncle Ian do some shopping then we went home for our teas and to put our paws up in front of the telly for the rest of the evening.

So for now we say woof, woof, woof and catch up with you all soon, Lots of love from Sapphire and Jazz

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire what a shame Ian did not have enough paw money for a special metro, I bet Ian had a great day out with Billy! How interesting to see the depth and construction of the lock.


Billy Fisher said...


Here you go Ian
There is a for sale section

k9 said...

thanks Billy

Paul / Debbie said...

Metro 6R4 wow there's a car that brings back memories Ian,I remember going to watch the RAC rally at Hamsterley and Kielder Forest's in the Eighties

k9 said...

The Mighty Metro 6R4 still is a great car i was lucky to see its first rally outing on the Audisport rally, Based in shrewsbury at the time and ever since i have been a big fan of the car and the nice sound it makes in anger through the forests