12 January 2014

The Bedlington From A German Publication What you need to know about the Poodle Terrier!



Translated through Google

Outside Poodle - inside Terrier: Because of its lamb -like appearance could be the Bedlington Terrier mix smoothly with a poodle . But even if he is now kept as family and companion dog almost only - inside he is still watchful, courageous and alive like a true terrier. Originally it was used by English miners to the area around Bedlington as a rat hunter.

"He has a beautiful appearance as similar to the poodle , but not at haart and brings it all the advantages of a terrier with ," says Hans Nagorsen (64). On the idea of ​​this rare breed has brought him his wife : " For them, it was clear even before our now 30 - year marriage : "? If we buy ourselves a dog - then only a Bedlington Terrier " Until some years ago , the couple bred the breed - still raging the two Bedlington Terrier Elliot and Felicia by her house in Hohenschonhausen .

And you need to know about the Poodle Terrier for friends:

► Appearance: The Bedlington is graceful and muscular stature. The shoulder height is about 41 centimeters. Weight: between eight and ten kilograms. The head is pear - or wedge-shaped. It is available in the colors " Blue" and "Lever " . The coat is thick and flaxen , well distanced from the skin , but not wiry. System to small, corkscrew curls , especially on the head. Because of his appearance , he is also called " sheep dog " .

► beings : Spirited and courageous, intelligent and good-natured. The dogs are alert, but not sharp. They suggest , but are not barkers . Equipped with a strong hunting instinct.

► Attitude: The Bedlington is extremely nimble and takes a lot of employment. He should be well socialized and trained from an early age .

► Care: The dense coat needs to be clipped and trimmed about every six weeks.

► Cost : a puppy from the breeder you get about 800 euros . A healthy Bedlington can be up to 16 years old .


Stuart said...

Who writes this rubbish???

Lesley 2 said...

you can see the way the breed is heading

Giulia said...

Unfortunately they are looking more and more like a poodle, professional groomers like to work out the coat which must be of a soft dense quality...They say that is the natural evolution of the breed...