06 January 2014

The N E Walk

Hello Bloggers
To day turned out to be a lovely sunny morning, but it was expected as the North east Bedlington Walk was organised for Seaton Carew.  We think around 40 dogs attended but a bit hard to count with all the milling around.  New faces on this walk and a few of the older ones which you will see in the pictures.!cid_8C4A6317-F955-44E0-A8F6-1126F48E31EA

The pre chat while waiting for folk to turn up for the start.  Some of the dogs turned up attired in their new Christmas coats. 


Straining at the bit ready to get onto the beach for the barking contest.  All friendly no fights.


Couple of oldies here and that's just the dogs.


The Makems dogs with my shadow waiting for the stragglers to catch up.  Just look at that blue sky. ( ELO)  ??.




And finally the team picture before the  trip to the chippy.  Pick out the names.Thanks to all who turned up, a very pleasant day, The Makems

Thank you Derek wow you were very lucky with the weather, saying this there must have been a lot of rain with the puddles on the car park. The beach looks deserted apart from the bedlington group, the dogs must have really enjoyed running and chasing and i bet they had a few tasty pieces of fish and chips to finish off the day!  


Mark Walshaw said...

A great day, thanks to all for attending. Many thanks to the Makems for the tea & coffees :-)
Roll on the next one ......

mils said...

we had a great time, thanks so much to Derek for the organisation! Lenni had a blast and for once was on her best behavior.

louise johnson said...

can you let me know when the next north east walk will be please, we are keen to get involved in the bedlington terrier community. we live in darlington. our dog is a dark blue bedlington named Ted.

matthew@seaofiron. said...

I believe that is me in the 3rd pic.
And I don't think I'm that old Derek!! Lol