27 January 2014

The Star Gazers


Hello Everyone,
Sapphire and Jazz here again, well we have been busy getting all of our dates for this years rallies dog displays and fun day  marked down on this years calendar. We don't want to miss any! We have 6 dog displays booked so far from the big ones at the County Show in Shrewsbury (It use to be called The West Mid Show and the Newport show) We display at the little shows like The Spring Lambing Day at the Walford and North Shropshire Collage, which is the first display of the year!
Since we  last wrote we have been on some nice walks even though its been very wet and muddy. Jazz did say that with it been slippery it will give us a chance to perfect and tune our four paw drive up ready for the busy times ahead.


Our Uncle Ian did hear on the radio that over the last fortnight that we could see the I.S.S (International Space Station) flying over head. He looked on a web site and printed of the times, when it would be over head and where to look for it, it also  told how long we could see it for.  Jazz and I have been getting up with Uncle Ian to go out to look,we did see it on a number of occasions even Granny and Granddad got up to see it with us. We all stood  and watched fly over head.  Jazz and I waved at it hoping that the little men inside would see us and wave back( ha ha ha )!. At the end of the month Uncle Ian will get another print of when we could see it again through the month of February. Other than that we have been relaxing with our paws up, getting our strength up before the season gets going so for now woof, woof, woof hope to see you all soon lots of love to you all from Sapphire and Jazz xxxxx


Thank you Sapphire, it sounds like your diary is nearly full for a summer of fun activities. you and Jazz are definitely very famous Cheshire bedlingtons !! You look very sleepy in the photo it must be all that star gazing in the middle of the night.

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