14 February 2014

A Letter From Harvey

Dear friends
,For those who sent cards, emailed and phoned many thanks fo your best wishes. I am progressing quite well with further investigations next week,

The results of the scans were assessed by the Consultant Radiologist and referred to the Regional Liver Unit in Leeds. The conclusions were that possibly up to 60% of my liver could be affected but they needed additional pictures to decide on the next procedures. These could be Chemotherapy, oral or by liquid, Radiology or a combination. This would be to reduce the affected areas with a possibility for further surgery.

I start preparing for the Octreotide scans on Monday the 17th February 2014 with a restricted low fibre diet, this means I have to stop eating Fruit, Vegetables, and Nuts. Seeds, No Milk, Fruit Juice. Nothing Fried. This also applies to Tuesday the 18th. February 2014.

I can have white toast with a light smear of butter/marg, Plain biscuits, lean meat/poultry, white fish, boiled potatoes, white rice, pasta, and omelette. Dissolved Oxo/Bovril, fizzy drinks (not fruity), Orange/Lemon Squash, and water.

On Wednesday 19th. February 2014 I start with Breakfast White toast, Black Coffee/Tea. For Lunch Fish/Chicken, White Rice/Bread/Sandwich.

At 16.00 I start with my preparation which involves dissolving a sachet in 1 litre of water for FOUR times, this will empty me completely. I now have no more food. I can drink clear fluids.

Thursday 20th February 2014 clear fluids before 10.30, NO FOOD, at 11.30I attend hospital for my first scans, I am injected in preparation and receive my first scans. Again at 16.00 I have further scans over the next 2 hours approx.

Friday 21st February 2014 clear fluids before 9.00, NO FOOD, at 10.00 more injections and scans for the next 1 to 2 hours. I can now go home. I expect to find out what happens next, but I expect to be at the show on Saturday.

Best Wishes   Harvey

Thank you Harvey, We will all be thinking of you  next  week and keeping everything crossed for an excellent result from your scan on the Friday. Lovely to read that you expect to be at the MBTC show. The show would not be the same without you at ringside. Keep smiling, stay positive with love from all your
bedlington friends, and see you sson!



Good luck Harvey, hope your clearing drink has improved in taste since the last one I had these tests.

The Makem

rosie's dad said...

Sounds like a pretty uncomfortable week ahead but its good your spirits are high.

All the best Harvey from Carol, Rosie and me.

See you on Saturday.

Stuart said...

Good luck and keep fighting Harvey. We'll be thinking of you next week.

Angie and Stuart x

enid said...

Sounds like a horrible week ahead.We'll both be thinking of you, so good luck and see you Saturday.

caroljnewton said...

Be thinking of you Harvey, Good luck, and hope all goes well! Carol xx

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Good to see you on Saturday Harvey, Hope everything goes ok!

Mark & Jan x

Heike Hancox said...

Hello Harvey, all the best for the tough times ahead, stay positive!