20 February 2014




Haven't contributed to Bedlington Pictures before and could only see your email address so hope I'm sending this to the right place. I saw the photos of the dogs in flower beds and decided to send you two shots I took of our lovely dearly departed dog Dorian taken last spring. He very sadly got hit by a car last month, just two weeks short of his first birthday, and we miss him so much.  We are hoping to get a puppy in spring as all the litters we've enquired about seem to be due mid March. If anyone knows of any other litters due sooner please do let us know; me and my young son are missing having a dog around so much. Or if anyone fancies lending us a Beddie till May, we could do with the cuddles! 
Best Wishes,
Cadogan Doggy Dogs

Thank you Alix this is such a sad story, what a beautiful puppy Dorian was. You must have been devastated. Hopefully it won’t be long before a new beddy baby joins the family.


k9 said...

what a loverly looking little lad he was Sapphire and Jazz send lots of cuddles your way (Sapphire and Jazz the two Rallying Bedlington here in shropshire) xxx

Billy Fisher said...

So hard to loose your dog
Ive one you can borrow
13 year old now and cuddles are her top priority