18 February 2014

Dylan And Archie Get Wet And Muddy



Its so hard trying to get the boys out for a good walk in this weather,then it starts to rain.They are not impressed. Deborah Stoddart

Thank you Deborah, they look so lovely and clean in the top  photo  and  then  thoroughly miserable in the rain. I bet they needed a good wash to get  those muddy legs and paws clean.


k9 said...

Sapphire and Jazz said they both look like they have been rallying he he one way to test the four paw drive systems out

Ruth Carter said...

I am so glad we live at the seaside - we just have a permanently sandy kitchen floor!

Sarah and Tony said...

Hope you enjoyed the walk despite getting mucky.Ed and Ossie sympathise, they try to walk round puddles when possible. I think it's to avoid the wash and brush when they get home. Jasper doesn't care and splodges through the middle. What's a bit of mud compared to all the other trials In his life.