24 February 2014

Hello To All Of Our Blog Friends


Sapphire and Jazz here, Just to say that Jazz and I have gone back into training for the new routine for this years dog displays. We have just 3 weeks before our first display at Walford and North Shropshire Collage in Baschurch near Shrewsbury. Every year we change the display to keep the human people interested and yes, Jazz and I still do the fire walk along the dog walk,  Uncle Ian says that we are his little super pups when we do the displays!  Since our last report  we have been out for very nice walks with Uncle Ian, Jazz and I really enjoy meeting our doggie friends and having a run around with them playing.  I think that we are getting into this astronomy thing for every evening we go with Uncle Ian to see the space station flying over head and Uncle Ian points out all the different star consolations for us. Oh we almost forgot to say, in our report just before Christmas, you will remember, when Granny and Uncle Ian took Jazz and  to an Antiques Fair near Oswestry ( at a place called Park Hall). Well keep watching Bargain Hunt at dinner time (12:15pm till 1:00pm) on BBC 1, as hopefully you might see two Bedlington Terriers on it milling about in the back ground, that will be the K9 Marshal Crew with Jazz and myself also with our Uncle Ian  and Granny in tow  We hope to keep watching it as it hasn't been on from Park Hall as yet but we have got our paws crossed that it will be on soon.
So for now woof, woof from Sapphire and Jazz (The Two Very Happy Rallying Bedlingtons here in Shropshire)


Thank you Sapphire, at last spring must be round the corner with the first display in three week’s time. It will be so nice to see some sun and be able to walk in the countryside without the dogs coming home covered in mud. I will certainly be looking a Bagain Hunt if I am at home lunch time!


Ruth Carter said...

Bieke thinks that Jazz and Sapphire are two very brave and clever dogs. She loves agility equipment but would be afraid of the flames (but she is a scaredy cat!!)

k9 said...

Sapphire and Jazz said "bless their fury socks and when we do the fire walk we close our eyes and run like hell"

Jan and Bonnie said...

Rosie loves watching BH and woofs at any dogs so we will keep an eye out for you. Bella likes TV but her mind wanders or she falls asleep.

bill said...

no pictures of you Ian going thru the ring of death