15 February 2014

I Wish I Had Chosen A Gerbil!


It's on days like these I wish I'd chosen a gerbil as a pet! After getting thoroughly soaked yet again this morning and having just checked my feet for any signs of webbing, I think a nice little rodent would be a far better option! The strange thing is, say to the dearly loved bedlingtons, "Out you go for a wee" and they gaze from the back door, then throw you a look that says "Are you mad !!!!!!" Show them a lead however and it's a whole new board game, gone is reluctance and defiance and unbounded enthusiasm ensues. As I trudge through the mud, wind whipping round me, rain hitting from all angles the little darling rampage around the common and through the little woods with a total "joie de vivre". Erin is teaching her protege young Darcy the finer art of squirrel hunting, though the little grey beggars have managed to elude her so far it's only a matter of time before one doesn't make it to the safety of a tree in time. Occasionally we meet some other mad soul doing their duty, we greet each other and invariably mutter about the foulness of the day.

Once back home, the towel in hand I can begin the drying off. Maya, Arthur & Erin standing patiently, offering themselves to be enveloped in the bath sheet, rubbed and patted until the towel is wetter than themselves. To Darcy however it is just yet more fun, racing around the kitchen dodging the towel like some demented matador avoiding the waving cape. Once caught she wriggles like a captured pig, only allowing a brief rub before off she goes again until I can corner her once more.

Most of you I'm sure will recognise some if not all of this routine. It is not necessarily how we would choose to spend our time but we do it out of love. Love for those funny little grey people who we choose to share our lives with Jane xxx  

Jane what you want now is Pumi or should I say puddle water baby, Steiff loves the rain and enjoys getting soaked and muddy in the garden.  When bored from being outside  she barks to come in, runs past me caked in mud before I can catch her, cleans her paws on the kitchen floor then stops half way and shakes herself. The brown water droplets  give the white walls a new designer pant finish!
Out walking the bedlingtons tippy toes round the edges of puddles, not Steiff who can’t wait to splash her way through the deepest puddle .I don’t think there will be any problem running an agility course with this dog in torrential rain  Saying this she pays no attention to the ferrets in the garden or has an urge to go off hunting for small fury creatures. 


jacqueline said...

what a lovely rendition of walkies! I for one have empathy with your tale. Neither of mine will "use" the garden so at least 3 times a day we have to put leads on and go out! Joy!!

Sarah and Tony said...

A gerbil wouldn't have a fraction of their personalities. You'd miss out on all that fun.