10 February 2014

Peace And Quiet Before The Storm


Hello One and All of our blogging friends

Sapphire and Jazz here. We are Sorry to hear our favourite Blog is being closed down after Crufts,  a big thank you to Lesley and Jon for the hard work on a great blog. It will not be the same with out the blog reading about all of our friends and catching up with what they have been up to and all the nice adventures they have been on. Also for us sharing with you all about our rally marshalling, dog display and adventures and the mayhem that Jazz and I cause ha ha ha!  We have had fun reading our friend’s reports and writing our reports for the blog.

We are just waiting for the dry weather so we can start our display training for this coming season. Uncle Ian has started to get his weekends sorted out ready for the display and rally season. Jazz and I are getting excited this weekend as we got Uncle Ian to get our speed boat out so we could go out for our walks, Yesterday boy o boy was it windy! Saturday we went down the local park, we didn't stand around to long cause our ears were flapping so much in the wind Uncle Ian thought Jazz and I was going to take off like a pair of Vulcan Bombers ha ha!  The mere has risen so much that with the wind and waves the water was splashing 2/3's up the fishing pegs. Jazz and I was running away from the fishing pegs like two little rascals and chasing Uncle Ian around. To day after our walk we put our paws up and had a very nice day cuddled up to our Granny and Uncle Ian while watching a couple of DVD's so it looks like bye, bye from Sapphire and Jazz aka The K9 Marshal Crew. ( The two Very Happy Rallying Bedlingtons from Shropshire) hope to see you all at the Bedlington Fun Day, paws crossed!



Thank you Sapphire and Jazz I will certainly miss receiving your blog mail with your latest adventures, but I will  catch up with all your news on facebook. Thank you so much for all your fun reports.  I cannot believe the blog has been running 8 years but with the popularity of facebook and  the bedlington groups the blog mail has been slowly dwindling and feel it is time to move on.  We will close on a high with Jon’s Crufts photos.


Sarah and Tony said...

We will miss you too, Sapphire, jazz and uncle Ian. We love to see your lovely walks and other adventures. We have a Facebook account, but don't like to use it much. It's not the same as the blog, but we see that the world of social media is changing and more people post on Facebook these days.

Jan and Bonnie said...

Will miss your adventures. We have Wye Dean Rally this weekend so Rosie has been telling Bella all about it.