13 February 2014

There Is A Big Wide World Outside!!!

tydfil 001

Tydfil ventured out for the first time on the lead yesterday - a short walk to the end of the street!

Thank you Enid she looks very alert lots and lots of exploring to do! A beautiful baby.


Jan and Bonnie said...

I enjoyed my first walk too lots of new sniffs but just a bit wet and muddy under paw.

Julie said...

Oh Enid, how lovely to have a puppy. xxx

Stuart said...

I'm always amazed at how quickly puppies learn and adapt to new experiences. They seem to show no fear.

Polly said...

Ahhhh She-s gorgeous!

Looks like she's got plenty of attitude. The Pengerrig gang can watch out! LOL

Sally said...

Oh she's lovely Enid! :))

Lesley 2 said...

It's a big old world out there Tydfil ! Has she worn the Pengerrig gang out yet lol?
Jane xxx

Sarah and Tony said...

What a sweetie, looking forward to meeting you