04 March 2014

Archie and Dylan having a lazy day



Trying to get the boys off the couch before the big match,but they are too busy lying in the sunshine. There's no way we are going out to get muddy paws.Deborah
Thank you Deborah, there is nothing better than snoozing in a sunny spot on the sofa!



I see they have got the right coloured scarfs round their necks.

The Makems

Sarah and Tony said...

Good you see you enjoying the sun. Was it your photo up by cow green reservoir, on the local news ? I didn't see the picture, but my colleague asked if we knew the 2 smart bedlingtons.

Paul / Debbie said...

Yes it was our Archie and Dylan,we had a good walk out from low force to cow green, was going to walk on to High Cup nick but wether was starting to close in,i don't mind a bit rain and wind but the boys don't.Took some good photos and sent one into look north wether photos was surprised when it was on tv,im pleased I recorded it.Paul.

muriel said...

Hi, saw the boys on the weather spot. Recognised the names and gorgeous faces from the blog immediately.Muriel,Barney and Ella