04 March 2014

Update From Harvey Bell

hhhhhhhhThank you for the update, it is fantastic to read you are fine in yourself and that we will see you at the BTA show. Keep smiling and lots of love to you from all your friends  in bedlington land.


Stuart said...

Keep yer chin up Harvey, hope all goes well. See you at the BTA.

Angie & Stu


Good luck Harvey, thinking of you.

The Makems

Mary said...

Hope everything goes ok Harvey

tony waller said...

Hope everything goes well, every thing crossed here Harvey. xxx
Sandra & Tony

Unknown said...

Here come best wishes for a speedy recovery from across the pond.
Mary Lou & The Marikov/Gipcyan Bedlys

Mark Walshaw said...

Sounds like theres a plan! Glad your keeping the old pecker up, see you soon.
Mark & Jan