05 March 2014

Visit us At Discover Dogs At Crufts



Hello Bloggers

For those of you who are just visiting and not showing at Crufts why not come up to the Bedlington Discover Dogs stand and get licked to death by Dusty.  Come and see us on Thursday or Friday, Derek & Eileen, Christine & Shelly and Sarah & Tony. Wishing everyone has a have a good time at Crufts. The Makems 

Thank you Derek I will be on the stand Saturday  with Stuart, Andy and Nicki and we will have Harry, Maurice, Yuva, Chino and Asha. Do come and say hello we would love to see you! Enid who will be on the stand Sunday?


enid said...

Sally and Gavin with help from Yvonne in the morning and Sharon is taking over in the afternoon.

Lesley 2 said...

Thank you Enid!