06 March 2014

We Think It Is Springtime!


Hello Everyone,
Sapphire and Jazz here we think that spring is here now with all the spring flowery things popping up everywhere and good luck to all of our blog friends and doggie friends who are going to Crufts

From Sapphire and Jazz (The Happy Rallying Bedlingtons from Shropshire}


Jan and Bonnie said...

Thank goodness for some sunshine. Have just seen on TV guide Bargain Hunt at Oswestry on next Thurs 13/3 so we will keep an eye out for you. JAN PETE ROSIE BELLA

k9 said...

Thank you we will keep an eye open too and yes thankgoodness for the sunshine it some how makes you feel on top of the world when it shines and the dogs fell good to from Sapphire and Jazz

Paul / Debbie said...

We've already set the planner to recorded it.